Alcatel Phone Systems

Alcatel are one of the top networking companies worldwide. Their current portfolio of telecommunications systems is rich in functionality, inexpensive, user-friendly and the Alcatel technology is proven device. It’s a pretty smart mix.

Alcatel has the pedigree of tested, multifunctional solutions for every size company – small or large. Alcatel provides businesses with a variety of IP telephones, including the ever-present IP reflex line and the new IP series 8008.

The premium desk phones from Alcatel, such as 8028, 8038 and 8068, deliver a rich IP connectivity experience with a clear user interface, excellent wideband audio quality and fast igabit ethernet network ports. The Alcatel 8008 series support and exploit all of Alcatel business platforms’ rich telephony capabilities. 

The new incarnation of Alcatel communications group, Alcatel-Lucent, was founded in 2006 as a fusion of Alcatel communications with Lucent Technologies. However, the original Alcatel communications company has its origins dating back to the late 19th century. 

Alcatel business phone series includes cordless analogue and VoIP (SIP) telephones, along with audio conferencing systems designed to suit the needs of companies and SMEs. Our mission at BTelecommunications UK is to deliver innovative and functional business phone systems with unique features to help businesses expand and thrive.

Your phone is at the heart of your business.when contacting clients. So our solutions put reliability and responsiveness first.

Customer-centred, cost-effective and future-proof telephony

    • Customer-centred

Consumers want faster, clearer and more effective communication more than ever. They don’t want to just send email; they want to get on the phone with the right people in the organisation and the industry.
Reliable call routing and community apps connect your experts to external and internal connections wherever they are.

    • Cost-effective:

IP networks provide connectivity to all locations at high speeds and at low cost. You can cut back on your domestic and international phone bills when you leverage them. With a standardised Alcatel-Lucent business phone network that’s connected to the cloud, we can help you automate global and local operations.

    • Futureproof: 

It makes sense to commit to free, scalable telephony solutions to secure your investment in this increasingly changing environment. BTelecommunication’s  Alcatel business phone systems are adaptable, flexible, cloud-connected, and support Unified Communications.

Customer-centred, cost-effective and future-proof telephony

Key Features of the Alcatel business phone system

  • Unified Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Multi-site Networking and remote users
  • Unified Communications
  • Hospitality applications
  • Call Centre Applications
  • SoftPhone with Symphony
  •  Mobility with twinning and DECT


  •  Reliability
  • Style
  •  Simplicity
  • IPv6 Ready
  •  Easy installation and provisioning
  •  Alphanumeric keyboard
  • Intuitive icons and soft keys
  • Backlit display
  • Compatibility with the Alcatel IP-Touch 8 series

Cost-effective entry-level desk telephones with good quality audio.

The way teams work and collaborate has changed. Every employee now has a smartphone – or two. And sometimes you will see them operating from home, halls or at hot desks; on campus, in regional offices, warehouses, schools, and on the move.

Conversations are constantly taking place, every day, every minute, everywhere and we make that happen with our innovative desk phones, cordless handsets, softphones and social apps.

Our collection of desk phones deliver high-quality telephony with easy and seamless connections, thanks to their innovative business-grade design. Models designed to match your desires and budgets, so members of your organisation can always collaborate and remain linked.

Range of Alcatel handsets (April 2020)

To complement any Alcatel phone network approach, you can select from a range of Alcatel 9 series digital handset, Alcatel 8 series IP line and DECT handsets. They vary in price and features and there are lots of options so you’re just going to pay for what your staff need.

There is also a mix of different model phones available in every standard office phone rollout scheme to cater for workers’ needs and the company’s budget. Here’s a list of popular Alcatel phone system handsets:

Alcatel Omni PCX phone system and VoIP

The Alcatel Omni PCX phone system is the perfect solution if you want multiple locations, remote staff or even VoIP to make cheap phone calls. Their multi-site networking and remote users are easy to use and provide visibility across the entire network of sites and locations.

Like many current solutions, the Alcatel phone network uses the same technologies and platform from as few as just a pair of workers all the way up to 100’s of users. Therefore smaller businesses can have the same innovative technologies available to big corporations – without the expense.

Deskphone 8008

The desk phone 8008 helps companies benefit from high-quality interactions and have better customer service. It offers intuitive navigation and audio wideband.

The 8018 desk phone provides outstanding audio quality and easy access to the mobile network facilities to agents and staff who are always on call.

Alcatel 4008 phones (IP basic)

The Alcatel 4008 phone is the Alcatel 8 IP series entry-level model. It’s really simple and mostly built for kitchens, foyers and employees who don’t make much use of the phone.

Alcatel 4039 phone handset (reception/manager)

Alcatel 4039 is the top-of-the-range Alcatel 9 phone handset built to work with both Alcatel Omni PCX and Alcatel Omni PCX portable PBX systems. The 4039 handset is built with a large monitor for receptionists or managers who need to see more at a glance.

The only aspects that differentiate the 4039 from the Alcatel 4029 handset are the wider size, 4 grey levels (not just black and white), a higher resolution screen and 10 soft keys – 5 on each side of the screen, while the Alcatel 4029 has 6 in total.

The rest of the rich function set is similar. The Alcatel 4039 phone comes in both urban grey and arctic white in terms of colour preference.

Alcatel 4019 cellular handset (basic phone)

While the Alcatel 4019 mobile is the simplest phone in the series, it gives great value for money. They’re not built for regular users but for staff who just occasionally use the devices, kitchens, foyers, store showrooms and the like.

You still get everything a staff member needs to use the phone and in several respects, it’s much more than just a simple phone. Compared to the Alcatel 4029 phone, the features you lack are:

  • No QWERTY keyboard
  •  No hands-free speakerphone (there is a speaker but it is only one-way for paging)
  • No headset port
  •  One line display versus the larger screens

Alcatel 4029 cell handset (executive phone)

The Alcatel-Lucent 4029 phone is the mid-level or executive edition of the Alcatel 9 wireless phone sequence. They are designed for service with both the Alcatel Omni PCX and the smaller Alcatel Omni PCX portable PBX system.

It’s pretty similar to the bigger 4039 receptionist handset with a few subtle differences: the screen is smaller, it has just 6 feature keys vs the 10 on the 4039, and the monitor is black and white and not 4 brown.

The 4029 provides both urban grey and arctic white in terms of handset colour preference. The phone is the most common in the series and about 90% of such handsets will be used in most implementations.

Alcatel 4068 phone handset (CEO/manager)

The Alcatel-Lucent 4068 phone is the flagship platform for IP phones in the 8 range. The big colour screen is what sets this handset apart. The other models are either 4 colours of LCD screens in grey or black or white.

That said, you still pay a premium for the 4068 phone for every colour screen handset and very few customers actually justify the extra cost – even for the receptionist handset.Colour is better from a consumer viewpoint as it helps you to see things on the screen in a much smoother, simpler way than grey colours.

Alcatel Temporis 880

This is the ultra-professional corded phone. You’ll appreciate its big, legible and ultra-comfortable view. The 10 direct memory keys will seduce you too. It can also be fitted with a miscellaneous headset since it complies with different types of headsets.

Alcatel xp1050

The Alcatel xp1050 business-oriented phone offers all the assistance you’d expect from a 100% professional handset. You’ll love the benefits the Bluetooth functionality brings to your everyday work life.

Alcatel xp2050

The Alcatel xp2050 gives you improved user-friendliness with the possibility of taking calls from handset or base. You’ll love handling your phone calls in hands-free mode, too. You will be seduced by the advantages the Bluetooth functionality brings to your daily work.

Alcatel ip2015

Usability is crucial in your business and you are searching for a DECT-based solution that is inexpensive and secure. The Alcatel ip2015 represents the solution to your needs. This DECT system, specially developed for small enterprises, consists of an out-of-sight base to be mounted in an important location of the office in order to provide a wider range and a portable DECT handset.

This smart device is scalable and versatile. Is your company’s headcount rising? This telephony system seamlessly adapts to the changes. You can pair up to 6 handsets and support 6 SIP accounts.

For improved performance, Alcatel ip2015 now offers a business phonebook (shared or network) and a network mailbox.

Seamless Business Communication For Everyone: The BTelecommunications Goal

From individuals to business owners, Alcatel business phone systems comprise devices designed to please the most competitive customers with their price, differing style and ease of use.

Now than ever, the Alcatel range is determined to have the highest value for money on telephones but also on security devices, baby alarms and cell phones.

Business phone systems clients in the UK rely on BTelecommunications for the best business communication systems and devices in the market today. With our expansive range of simple and advanced business phone systems and expert guides, our customers enjoy fast, easy and seamless connectivity.

Here's why customers choose our business phone systems

Our customers communicate clearly, worldwide

Flexible models: All options are open, anytime.

Reliability: Automated high availability for mission-critical communications.

Friendly to use: A quick, consistent experience through desk phones, cordless handsets and apps.

Cost-effective design options: hybrid analogue networking, digital and IP networking, mobile virtual machines and networked systems minimize costs and slash investment in the first place.

Let us guide you

We will help you select the most ideal business phone system for your organisation. Alcatel delivers a wide variety of sleek and trendy mobile phones to satisfy the unique needs of your business and put innovation and consistency at the forefront of your brand identity.

Equip the company with our suite of telephony services for growth. We’ll love to hear from you. Visit our store or contact us today.


The Alcatel phone range are a relatively decent Android smartphone. The 4-inch monitor One Touch Evolve, for example, won’t turn heads, but it’s a decent option for first-time users of T-Mobile smartphones at $100.

Alcatel was created as a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China, formed in 2004.

Click and hold both the Volume Up buttons and the Power keys. Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ from the Android System Recovery menu and follow the instructions.

Plug the charger to the AC outlet. Whether or not the phone show it’s working, leave it attached to its charger for ten minutes. Now push and hold the volume and power key down simultaneously for 10 seconds or more except this time while the device is connected to its charger.