Ericsson-LG Telephone Systems

Ericsson-LG is a joint venture company owned by Ericsson Group of Sweden (75 per cent) and LG Electronics Group of South Korea. It was founded in November 2005 and builds telecommunications equipment, with LG providing marketing and distribution. The company, which has approximately 1,500 employees, designs and markets innovative solutions for the Korean market.

Why Ericsson-LG Telephone Systems Are Preferred By Small and Large Businesses

Ericsson-LG meets the need for reliability and flexibility of large and medium businesses; a complete telephone system that provides advanced call management while remaining compliant for legacy systems. 

Broad connectivity enables Ericsson-LG phone systems to operate through desktops, fixed iPECS phones, softphones and computer devices. Integrating mobile software allows call handling, instant messaging, file sharing and more across the entire network for optimum productivity.
Ericsson-LG telephone systems offer: 

  • flexible, scalable digital communications. 
  • Multiple redundancies for maximum reliability. 
  • IP, video, softphone, mobile, and other compatibility. 
  • Interoperability with desktop applications.

Ericsson-LG telephone systems are designed from the ground up to be simple, modular, and cost-effective. Solutions can be built to fulfil your exact specifications so you enjoy the power of unified communications with the lowest cost.

Ericsson-LG Telephone Systems

Designed For Business

Users can utilize text, visual voicemail, conference calls, instant messaging, conference calls, and visual voicemail on one simple-to-use device. The phone systems are designed to be intuitive and provide easy-to-use tools and features that can streamline, quickly and flexibly communicate with your business.

Ericsson LG is a leader in the Micro, Medium and Large Business sectors and provides optimized, cost-effective on-premise phone systems to help companies communicate more effectively and more dynamically.
Ericsson LG also provides reliable, robust, and highly integrated communications networks with core brand research and development.
For a company that has different communication needs, LG-Ericsson telephone systems can be customized to your market sector and organization, helping you meet the needs of each part of your business. It enables smooth communication via IP network channels, offering advantages over current hybrid technologies by delivering efficient, cost-effective applications to SMEs.

Designed For Business

Reliability and Functionality

Reliability and functionality demands from large and small businesses are also provided by the Ericsson-LG models. It is a complete telephone system that provides cutting edge communication management. Their devices have inbuilt designs that fit well within one site or is spread through several geographic locations. They bring together web, phone and mobile and add some powerful features to allow your business to handle fast professional calls.

Wide flexibility enables Ericsson-LG telephone systems to work across desktops, fixed phones, softphones, and mobile devices. Web device integration enables calls handling, instant messaging, file sharing and more for full flexibility across your entire network.

Wide Compatibility

Wide versatility enables Ericsson-LG telephone systems to work via desktops, fixed phones, softphones and mobile devices. Video, mobile and other network networking. Link multiple sites link mobile workers, satellite offices and more within a seamless digital network enabling fast, responsive local and device-wide performance.

BTelecoms UK: The Supplier of A Wide Range of LG-Ericsson Business Telephone Systems

Looking for a conventional PBX telephone system, up-to-date converged VOIP systems or perhaps other connectivity solutions? Business phone systems from LG-Ericsson are as simple as any company needs today. Generally flexible and scalable, it can be tailored to meet the needs of anybody or business, including businesses who want to develop and need a multi-site network to meet these demands or multi-site companies requiring reliable communication solutions at various locations or time zones. At BTelecoms UK, our telecommunications system range includes a wide variety of office communications devices, ranging from basic wireless networks with traditional desk-based telephones to sophisticated IP network connectivity systems for large multi location organisations.

LG-Ericsson Business Telephone Systems

Ericsson-LG Handsets

Handsets by Ericsson LG are a perennial favorite in the UK because they are user-friendly with a traditional style customer.
They are rich in functionality, allowing users to easily access the wide range of features provided by Ericsson-LG iPECS PABX. For more detailed information on all current and previous LG phones, read below.

Ericsson-LG Handsets


LDP-9240D is an advanced iPECS 9200. The redesigned apps and instinctive interface include high-quality voice, innovative features and enhanced user experience. The main differences between basic and advanced models are that the LDP-9240D features a full duplex speaker, twelve flexible buttons, a backlit LCD, and navigation. The handset is very user-friendly with easy navigation and location-the number/keypad and features such as a switch, headset, phone, etc.


LDP-9208D is a basic iPECS 9200 handset. This handset is a cost-effective LDP-9200 range model, offering affordability with the simpler level handset. Wideband audio is the model’s most sophisticated and refined technology with clearer, more defined sound. Many clients found this handset very user-friendly with easy navigation and location-the number/keypad to the left, and features such as transfer, headset, directory etc. to the right.

LDP 9008D

One of the standard models in the newest digital range LDP-9000 series is the LG Ericsson LDP 9008D phone. It is only available with the LG eMG80 phone system and is the best value for money digital phone from a leading brand. The LDP-9008D is simple to use, feature-rich and ideal for everyday users. It provides 8 programmable buttons, suitable for most users.

LG iPECS eMG80 Phone System

Ericsson-LG’s latest offering, the iPECS eMG80 PBX, is undoubtedly the best value solution we’ve seen— period! Customers can’t get them mounted quickly enough. It provides all the features of its bigger brother the iPECS 50 at a fraction of the price and works smoothly with VoIP and regular telephone lines. The eMG80 will grow up to 48 users and operate with every LG handset on sale.

Ericsson LG iPECS Phone System

The Ericsson LG iPECS phone system is one of the most common solutions in the UK. With state-of – the-art technology, this telephone system offers users an amazing array of the newest IP, softphone and accessibility applications. Combine that with easy-to-use handsets and it’s easy to see why business owners are so pleased with this latest offering.

Ericsson-LG iPECS SBG-1000 Phone System

The iPECS SBG-1000 PBX is an excellent solution for small-time business owners, who only need up to 24 users and offers nearly every feature of the bigger iPECS-LIK system at a low price. It is fitted with the new IP, CTI and mobility technologies and the handsets are easy to use with this device, you can only use LIP 8000 handsets.

LG-Ericsson PBX Telephone System for Efficient integration

The sophisticated PBX phone system’s modular design means it can function as a distributed system within the network or as a host PBX device. Link multiple sites, link mobile staff, satellite offices and more within a seamless digital network that allows rapid, responsive efficiency across sites and devices. On-site installations are suitable for organizations that emphasize security or power. A cloud PBX system works well for low-maintenance and convenience businesses. These systems offer superior reliability and performance for any company anywhere. LG-Ericsson PBX phones are reliable and expense-effective. Using your existing network and compatible with most existing legacy phones, mobile CRMs and networks, the PBX system can be introduced with minimal disruption and cost.

BTelecoms--Supplier of Ericsson-LG Business Phone Systems In the UK

Looking for a conventional PBX telephone system, up-to-date converged VOIP systems or perhaps other connectivity solutions?   BTelecoms provides its new and existing customers with Ericsson-LG’s award-winning iPECS Unified Communications software line and other stellar communication devices. Whether you need an Ericsson-LG analogue telephone system for a small business or large wireless, VoIP or IP telephone system, we can provide and configure a wide range of on-site telephone solutions for your business. Call Us Today for enquiries.


Ericsson-LG phone systems are specifically tailored to optimize resources for small to medium-sized companies. The business integrates two of the world’s largest technology companies to offer market-leading communications solutions. The product range provides a single communication platform that supports conventional telephony, voice-over-IP (VoIP) and IP-based data communication.

IPECS Telephone System manages the main customer calls quickly and efficiently, from simple direct call routing to sophisticated caller ID-based routing. EMG80 iPECS eMG80 embraces VoIP technology as an integrated interface for hybrid IP / TDM switches. This facilitates seamless connectivity through IP network channels, providing advantages over current hybrid technology by offering powerful and cost-effective applications to SMEs that utilize iPECS eMG80.

Ericsson LG, a pioneer in the Micro, Medium and Enterprise markets, provides hybrid, cost-effective on-site phone systems to help businesses connect and interact more effectively and dynamically. With R&D at the core of the company, Ericsson LG offers secure, robust and highly integrated communications platforms.