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Choosing a phone system for your business

A business telephone system is the lifeline for consumers, vendors and the everyone that has anything to do with the business.

It is one of the simplest ways of connecting both within an organization and outside, and selecting the correct business phone system is an essential decision which, if the wrong system is selected, may have a wide range of consequences on the business.

Taking the right judgment on the telecommunications network means looking ahead and doing some preparations, much as you would be investigating office space or furniture.

SpringCom Hosted Telephone Systems

SpringCom Hosted is a great solution when it comes to business phone systems.

SpringCom Hosted IP PBX are new NBN Enabled telecommunications networks available everywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the internet. It is great for remote jobs, frequently-traveling employees and multi-sites, and you don’t really need costly PBX facilities. The use of this Hosted IP PBX will also lead to substantial cost savings.

If you are looking at investing in any of the SpringCom range of hosted business telephones, here are some of the common brands and models to consider

SpringCom Hosted Telephone Brands

Yealink SIP-T54S

Designed particularly for premium office users, Yealink SIP-T54S is an easy-to-use media IP phone with a distinctive look and structure.

It takes the IP phone and users together and unceasingly improves the operating experience, thanks to its streamlined and human-friendly nature as well as user interface. As far as Yealink Optima HD sound technology is concerned, T54S boosts its audio quality by incorporating Opus audio codec to provide excellent audio quality and crystal-clear voice communication.

The Yealink SIP-T54S is designed with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, a built-in Bluetooth and a built-in USB 2.0 socket, with the goal of increasing communication and efficiency.

Yealink SIP-T54S is built to please consumers who require a better quality IP telephone with enhancements in technology, audio, user interface, efficiency of communication etc.

Video chats

Yealink SIP-T56A

The Yealink SIP-T56A is a simple-to-use smart media phone which offers business professionals an enhanced HD audio experience.

This all-new mobile media phone allows visual connectivity that improves efficiency with the convenience of a normal handset.

Running on Android 5, the SIP-T56A sports a 7-inch fixed multi-point touch screen, embedded Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR and Wi-Fi, together with an integrated web browser, calendar, recorder and more, and also allows the deployment of enterprise configuration software by third parties.

The Yealink SIP-T5 Series Smart Media Phone creates an excellent combination of usability and complexity, giving today’s busy CEOs, administrators and remote workers an all-in-one messaging solution.

Yealink SIP-T58V

The YEALINK SIP-T58V is a simple-to-use mobile media phone providing business professionals with an enhanced experience of HD audio and video conferencing.

The SIP-T58V features a 7″ (1024 x 600) capacitive customizable touchscreen, 720p30 HD display and up to 16 VOIP profiles. Running on android 5, the SIP-T58V features a 7-inch multi-point touch screen, a compact two-megapixel HD camera cam50, built-in WI-FI and Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR, along with an integrated web server, clock, scanner and more.

Yealink W60-PKG Phone Handset

The Yealink DECT IP Phone W60P increases the efficiency of connectivity for mobile and remote workers in sectors such as storage, hospitality, retail, and factory environments.

The DECT base W60B is small and powerful, and has improved hardware for powerful features, durability, and scalability.

The W60P is a combination of W56H and W60B base handset, offering top-level audio quality and longevity for the device. The WP0p is an excellent solution for on-the-go connectivity with a base that suits well in every location, be it standing on a desk or placed on the wall.

The W60B is compact and elegant like a beautifully designed piece of art with a recessed power cord tray, and blends seamlessly into your office space without creating clutter.

Yealink SIP-T41S

The Yealink T41S is a business device, rich in usability for superior connectivity and expanded functionality. The SIP-T41S is a six-line IP phone that comes with embedded programmable keys to increase productivity.

The SIP-T41S sports an all-new USB port with unmatched usability and expansibility, designed for potential Wi-Fi and USB storage applications. The latest T4S series delivers the same sleek look of the T4 model, but with improvements for better interoperability and cooperation.

The SIP-T41S uses Yealink Optima HD Voice processing, and Opus’ wideband codec provides excellent audio quality and crystal-clear voice. It offers a quicker, more flexible GUI than the T41P, and many functions that improve performance.

Yealink SIP-T42S

For superior correspondence and expanded versatility, the Yealink SIP-T42S is a versatile business SIP telephone.

The T4S range has modified firmware that provides a faster, more flexible GUI. Key features include a USB port that stores dongles (sold separately) for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and call.

The Optima HD Voice system from Yealink offers transparent Wideband audio and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports that provide incredibly fast data transfer. The Yealink T4S series uses the new TLS/SSL encryption, and Zero Touch Provisioning is simple to deploy in bulk, while saving the business time and needless expenses. The Yealink T42S comes with Applications for Unified Communications (UC) or Skype for Business (SFB).

Yealink SIP-T46S

SIP T46S IP phone is one of the most powerful and powerful SIP telephones available on the market today. This device allows crystal clear communication with its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 support. It also has the advantage that it offers better overall performance than the T45G in terms of speed, battery life and power consumption, as well as a significantly better display.

The SIP T46S features Gigabit Ethernet technology using the latest version of the world’s fastest and most powerful wireless networking technology. The USB port on the handset supports the most advanced features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 support, as well as longer battery life and improved power consumption.

It features an all-new USB port and raises the productivity bar to new heights with the addition of a full-fledged Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools. T46s is also equipped with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Calendar, Microsoft Teams and Office 365, effectively extending all the benefits of Microsoft (r). It allows users to synchronize Outlook and Calendar meetings and schedules by simply clicking to join a meeting.

The modern interface of Skype for Business offers users a familiar and friendly user experience and easy access to all the features of Microsoft Office productivity tools. T46s supports executives and vendors with its large 4.3-inch display and built-in 4-way touchscreen. It has a modern “Skype for Business” interface that provides the user with the familiar, friendly user experience by adding Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Teams.

For front desk staff, the T46s can be matched with the Yealink EXP40 Expansion Module, which supports 200 plus additional contacts.

Yealink SIP-T48S

The SIP T48S IP Phone is the latest in a series of Yealink’s newest and greatest mobile phone. The phone has a large touchscreen that facilitates switching between pages and applications, as well as access to a wide range of applications.

The SIP T48S has excellent acoustic clarity and offers HD voice technology for hands-free calls. The materials used to make the phone are durable enough to withstand everyday use, with a scratch-resistant surface. Also with unparalleled audio clarity, the Sip T 48S is the world’s first high-end mobile phone with an HD audio system.

The handset is optimized for a smartphone – just like the user experience, with advanced components such as a dual-core processor and a high-end camera system.

One – Touch buttons enable superior customization, allowing users to design their own phone and work environment for greater convenience and productivity.

Audio quality is also excellent, and the ability to adapt to Bluetooth connectivity is a bonus. Customers love the advanced functionality that this handset brings to their business, and we think it’s great. However, with so many amazing features, some companies need full functionality and some of the simpler features of the handset are really needed.

Designed for today’s busy executives and managers, the T4S Series features a high-end design, powerful processor and a wide range of advanced features. It is integrated with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system as well as a full range of functionality for business and home use.

The T48G offers executives and professionals additional flexibility with the ability to switch between calls from mobile phones, as well as access to a wide range of voice, video and SMS services.

Yealink W52P

This SIP Cordless Phone Program was originally developed for small businesses and SOHO operations. The W52P is an inexpensive, flexible mobile telephone device that offers an integrated business contact phone for both cordless and daily phone needs. This type of DECT wireless phone handsets is ideal for stores, restaurants, clubs, cafes, retail outlets or similar business situations where you may want to walk around with your phone.

The Yealink DECT W52P is an innovative SIP Cordless handset that has great potential to support any small business and SOHO operation. Nonetheless, take into account how many calls and how many hours of calls your company makes on a regular basis-does the W52P suit your business needs, or do you need to buy a more sophisticated handset-like the famous SIP-T46S-for greater functionality?

The W52P device is small and wireless, similar to a home phone, with a 5.5 mm headphone jack and a 2.2-megapixel camera on the front and back of the device. With its sleek cordless housing, the W52P also has an enormous range, with a maximum range of up to 5,000 mAh and a battery life of 2.5 hours.

You can access the Yealink W52P by entering the IP address in a web browser or connecting via an Ethernet cable. Switch to your LAN and then switch back to the Base Unit by clicking on the switch icon at the bottom of the screen.

Yealink EXP40

The Yealink EXP40 Expansion Module extends the standard T48 SIP T46S desktop telephone with an additional line and a new line for the T47S telephone. The Yealink SIP T45S and T 46S desks and telephones can now also be unlocked with a T49S or T50S.

The EXP40 expansion module integrates seamlessly with Yealink’s business and media phone feel and is compatible with all Yealink Sip T45S and T 46S desktop telephones. The expansion modules extend the functional telephone and allow for a larger call volume for the T48 SIP T46S desktop telephone with an additional line and a new line for a T49S or T50S telephone.

SpringCom Hosted Telephone Systems from Btelecoms UK

Btelecoms UK provides smart, convenient, and mobile businesses and startups with new, business telephone systems.

Btelecoms UK specialises in a wide range of telecommunications products from Avaya, Alcatel, Norstar, Meridian, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson and SpringCom.

In addition to streamlining the day-to-day operations of the organisation, our business phone systems will also lower the overheads and help you respond rapidly to any market changes.

Using a corporate telephone network, it’s easier to manage business expenses and ease business activities.

At Btelecoms UK the experience we have is unmatched. This is because we have spent a lot of time knowing what the customers want from a business telephone system provider and are well prepared to meet this need.

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