Call Recording

The call recording software allows you to record telephone conversations in a digital audio file format, either via PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or VoIP (Voice over IP). It also gives you the ability to download, replay, store and share recordings of the call.

The primary purpose is to record the conversation between people over the phone. Usually, the system is easy to deploy and can operate within minutes.

Key Call Recording Software Options

The call recording software option you choose for your business phone depends on the number of calls you manage, the sophistication of the programme you need, the requirements for your documentation and, of course, the budget. 

At BTelecommunications UK, we have a range of business phone systems that come with or are compatible with different call recording applications which can be as basic or as complicated as you need to. 

PR200 - Fantastic features

While using Google Voice is simple and straightforward, it lacks some features that many users want, such as the ability to record calls before the call starts and record them after it starts. 

For example, Google Voice only allows recording incoming calls, and recording outgoing calls is not supported. If so, you need to remember to press a button to start the conversation, which is extremely inconvenient and can inevitably lead to gaps in call records in a business environment. 

Many people record their phone calls with their Android phones, tablets and tablets with the PR200 recorder. PR200 works with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and can record both incoming and outgoing calls. 

PR200 allows you to either record incoming or outgoing calls and store them in your internal storage, or record them to your external phone recorder using a third-party app.

Android phone users can record their calls using the built-in PR200 – in the recorder, as well as a third-party app. The recorder can also be used as an external phone recorder for other devices such as tablets, smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth connection.

Automatic Call Recorders - Easily find, share and edit recordings

Automatic call recorders are great for getting the process rolling, but they are not ideal for business applications. Randomised approaches to recording do not work for call centres, which both record and store calls.

They also include advanced quality assurance features such as text-to-speech analytics. Call Center Call Recording Software is designed for call centres where they have a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls, and they need to be recorded. Automated recording works best in call centre environments, as both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded simultaneously without the need for manual recording.

This allows you to edit recorded video calls by adding audio, adding text and deleting selections. You can also manage recorded calls so you can easily find, share and edit your recorded videos and calls.

Automatic Call Recorders

Truecaller - Manage your recordings the way you want

You need to sign in an account and become a Truecaller user to record calls with its app, but you can manage your recordings the way you want. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to easily record your calls: Add labels and descriptions, mark important prints and dots in the call, search your call history for recipients and call descriptions, and more.

If you support the ad-free app, then you must buy the Pro version, but the free version has ads – and it is free for a limited time.

The recorder is able to record incoming and outgoing calls without time constraints. The app charges 10 cents per minute for pricing and recording, but the price may vary by location and wireless carrier. If you forget or forget and check if you are satisfied with the performance of the app before you start paying for the recording of phone calls, then you get 30 cents.

Oreka Audio Capture Software - Offering a memorable experience

Oreka Audio Capture Software is a special call recording system based on an open-source platform. This video conferencing tool supports a wide range of other features, including video recording.

Based on the cloud, this technology helps contact centres to offer customers a more memorable experience, especially when it comes to customer service, customer service and customer loyalty.

You can also combine the recording function with quality management and screen capture tools. Oreka offers a wide range of recording functions, such as audio recording, video recording and audio playback. It is also possible to access reporting functions such as call quality monitoring, call tracking and call monitoring.

You can select specific people or teams to record, and you can easily retrieve and play your calls at any time. If you hope to record all the calls you need to initiate, make sure you record with your current carrier if you like it. You can also set up a bulk recording of all your calls and save them in a separate file for easy access.

It makes finding and playback easy and easy, and authorised users can share copies of your calls via email. 

TalkHelper - A quick, one-click tool

TalkHelper is a free plugin to record video calls on Skype, install them on your system, and be ready to record conversations with Skype. When recording a video call, you can choose between audio, video, text, audio, video or audio calls.

This is a quick one-click tool that lets you record, record and save your calls, and it is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Windows Phone.

Recorder Pro - A great option

Recorder Pro does not support the Xvid codec, which is viewed with a suitable media player, so it may not work on all types of devices, but it should. Try it on your phone, and if you’re happy with your recording, you can jump to the next step in the list.

Calabria - Meets all your recording needs

Calabria requires recording, and it offers a wide range of features that can certainly make it easy to meet your call recording needs. This is a great tool for both recording calls and recording conversations with customers, so look for it.

Key features of this service include automated notifications, instant messaging and the ability to record on-screen. You can also access the recording screen if you need to track instant messaging conversations.

Calabria is designed for a wide range of contact centre environments and can be useful when you need to manage calls, update calls and offer agent training.

VTlogger - Practical and cost-effective

VTlogger is a web-based software application that, in combination with a range of telephone cards, can help develop a more robust and efficient call recording system than that used by traditional phone companies such as AT & T and Verizon. 

This solution is the first choice for those who handle a large number of calls from a variety of different numbers and need a practical and cost-effective system supported by exceptional support from the provider.


While IntCall is a VoIP service that uses an Internet connection to make calls, it works just like Wi-Fi. To record an incoming call, record the call and tap the record button to start recording, then open the Int call app and dial the number before making the recorded call. To record an outgoing call, simply open the Int Call app, tap Record and then dial that number.

You can record both incoming and outgoing calls, but be aware that you will need a Wi-Fi connection and an Internet connection of at least 1GB for the app to work properly.

The app plays a beep to notify everyone that a call is being recorded, and the recording is saved as high-quality audio. Trigger an automatic voice that notifies all parties that the call has been recorded.

When you finish recording, the call ends as usual, but with a high-quality audio recording instead of the standard audio file.

When you stop recording, Google automatically saves the conversation so you can listen to it later. If everything is set correctly, you will see the recorded calls under the Calls and Voicemail tab when you answered or recorded the call. Select the call you want to save and record and select it the next day, week, month or even year.


Lovekara - A great addition and alternative

With an intelligent and beautiful interface, the Lovekara recorder has a simple interface that allows you to start recording calls with a simple push of a button. The recorder in LoveKara is a great addition to the recorders on your mobile phone and a good alternative to other recorders.

The app can record both incoming and outgoing calls by setting it to Auto, but other options allow you to specify the location of the file and change the recording source.

If you prefer not to use a third-party app and have no idea how to save your recordings, you can also use an external phone recorder. On the recording screen, the file can be saved, shared, played, deleted or played on your phone, as well as shared and deleted.

Saving and Synchronising Call Recordings

Note that call recording does not work on certain mobile phones and may result in lower quality recordings. But by integrating with Google Drive and Dropbox, you can save and synchronise your calls to the cloud.

Therefore, we recommend that you try the free version before purchasing a paid app, or you can simply pay for the minutes you use. You can no longer use the app if you decide you no longer need it or simply pay to use it.

Call recording apps allow you to download mp3 call recordings, share them online with anyone you want to have online, and even have them automatically transcribed if needed.

Contact BT Telecommunications UK For Your Call Recording Phone System

At BTelecommunicatins UK, we don’t think a one-size-fits-all call recording system can be provided. Your company is inherently special and should include a phone call recording service customised to the specific needs of your organisation. 

To ensure you have the most ideal business phone systems with feature-rich appropriate call recording tools for your needs, contact one of our specialist consultants today and they will recommend the perfect devices that match your budget and aspirations.


If the lines are analogue or digital, a recording card will be mounted on a Desktop server and the audio lines will be split, one line will continue to either the phone (recording extension side) or PBX (recording trunk side) and the other split line will continue to the server.

Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Storing all incoming and outgoing calls from all customers within their network puts unnecessarily high demands on the storage capacity of the service providers. … However, if they so wish, all service providers have the capacity to record subscribers’ conversation.

Businesses also record telephone calls with clients to protect their business interests. However, a business generally does not have to honour such a request as the recording is considered the business’ property.  This is typically the case when calls are not considered public record.

Normally, it is illegal to record a phone call or private conversation that you are not a party to, have no consent from at least one party and may not, of course, overhear – regardless of whether the case is controlled by the government or state law

Recording telephone calls is legal in the UK and not a criminal offence. Under this law, capturing and recording voice calls secretly by individuals and businesses is not illegal as long as the person or company only uses the record for research purposes.