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More and more consumers are abandoning landlines in order to be able to make calls on their mobile phones, but it is a good idea to think carefully before doing so.

Whether you work from home, make phone calls while driving or make Bluetooth calls, choosing the right phone requires you to consider how you want to use it and what features you really want to pay for. 

Business Desktop phones are known both for their excellent longevity and usability. They come with simple calling apps and eliminate the need to struggle to wrap your head around the sophisticated, often complicated technology of a cellular network. 

Business functionalities like videoconferencing, interface matching and simple connectivity of third-party communication apps ensure that desk handsets become more versatile with improved productivity service capabilities.

Modern desk phones are your android smartphone with all your applications sitting on your desk, eliminating cell phone interruption and other discomforts.

Test results also show that the voice quality of cordless phones is typically better than even the best mobile phones.

BT Telecommunications stocks a wide variety of modern desk phones to satisfy your business needs. Our desk phone range are cordless, have noise cancellation functionality, a digital voice mail system and Bluetooth support, which makes them ideal for conferencing, work and conversations on the drive – plus a variety of other features. 

In addition, they offer impressive price points, and compared to VoIP phones, they are often considered more robust, because they are not impaired by bandwidth or power outages.

Why Desk Phones?

The question on the lips of many business executives (especially startup owners operating on a small budget) today is: Why get a desk phone when you can buy mobile devices and softphones to achieve versatile and cost-effective communication? 

The key reason desk phones are still popular today is because of the superior quality of the audio they provide. Although the smartphones industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds in terms of technology and connectivity, traditional phones still provide the best calling experience.

With their convenient handsets and built-in audio technologies, desk phones are designed specifically for high-quality speech and audio transmission and the results are clear.

Other reasons why desk phones are still commonly used for business and in business spaces include the following:


Ease Of Use

Desk phones provide push-button navigation for easier in-call administration. Such buttons enable essential functions such as routing callers, placing them on hold, and muting conversations. These also encourage dialling into a meeting for large groups at the same time.


Let's face it: It can confuse mobile devices. What begins as a brief talk can quickly turn into an extended period of email searching, internet surfing, and time-wasting in apps. One research indicates that for non-work tasks, the average worker spends at least five hours per week using a cell. Through motivating staff to use desk phones, you can cut time-waste and improve efficiency.


Battery and efficiency problems affect even the best mobile devices and laptops. There's nothing worse than trying to call in your mobile phone to a meeting and letting your battery die. Mobile devices can get lost or stolen too. Desk phones come with considerably less risk.


There's something to say about getting a sleek, professional-looking phone on your desk — especially when meeting customers and clients face to face. It sends out the message that you're serious about investing in high-quality communications and you can still be contacted by phone.


Not everyone is in favour of using a mobile phone, particularly when doing so becomes a policy issue about Bring-Your-Own-Device. It opens up a host of possible problems for businesses and staff, such as setting appropriate BYOD policies, enforcing violations of privacy and monitoring information posted on a mobile device. For someone overly interested in using a mobile app, having the choice to choose from is a bonus.

Desk phones still have much value, as you can see, given the increasing mobility trend, and continue to serve an essential role in corporate communications.

Range of Modern Desk Phones (April 2020 Guide)

Why do desk phones remain an attractive option for people today?  While you can still buy cordless phones with large buttons and dials, most modern landline phones use the latest audio technology, such as Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG G3, and even the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as well as the new Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Gear S5.

With their improved audio features that allow cordless use, there are also phones known as DECT (Digital Decentralised Communication System) phones. Dect phones are largely immune to bugging and interference, like the cordless analogue phones of old. They have a much better sound quality than their analogue counterparts. There are a number of different types of DECT phones, from the most basic to the most advanced.

KX-TGF352N - Simplicity Plus Modern Functionality

Customers who wish to install a traditional wired fixed line, including some cordless mobile phones, should take a look at the KX-TGF352N. This phone combines the simplicity and ease of use of traditional fixed telephones with the advanced features of modern convenience. The KX-TGF352N can meet all your calling needs whether you are connected to a handset or not.

Fixed-line telephones are traditional telephones that transmit and receive a signal via a radio frequency (RF) signal similar to a mobile phone. This can be compared to mobile phones and mobile phones, which use radio waves to send and receive information.

KX-TGF352N - Simplicity Plus Modern Functionality

If you need digital security, why not save a few dollars and take an analogue phone instead of a digital phone like a smartphone, tablet or laptop?

The phone itself is still an analogue device that can only be used on analogue lines, so you may have disruptions in your home or small office environments where you might be the only cordless user. Remember that when you are talking about a digital, analogue or cordless phone, you are talking about transmitting a signal from the handset to its base.

Almost all broadband tariffs still require a landline rental, so you may need to connect the phone to a cable or cable modem, or even a phone line with a fast Internet connection. You may have a connected telephone with analogue or digital cable connection at home or in small offices and a cordless telephone in your office or office.

Cordless fixed telephones can often offer greater range and certainly pose even fewer health risks, but radiation levels from mobile telephones are probably much lower than those from fixed telephones. 

Then there are batteries in cordless home phones that may not last long enough for you to use your smartphone during the day when you’re not at home. While mobile signals can best be received in your upstairs bedroom, they can also reach the floor in some rooms.

Vtech DS6421-3 - Clear conference telephony without interference

The Vtech DS6421 – 3 system has been rated as one of the best cordless phones by Consumer Reports, and with good reason.

The system includes a digital answering machine and a smartphone that synchronises with the cordless phone via Link2Cell’s Bluetooth technology. The mobile phone calls can be made and received via Bluetooth as well as via the WLAN connection of the mobile phone.

Vtech DS6421-3 - Clear conference telephony without interference

This cordless answering machine is a popular office phone system that includes two mobile phones. The system can be expanded to six handles, with additional handles sold separately. It can be expanded to 12 handsets with a single phone jack, and it can also be expanded and expanded by adding a second handset that can handle six handsets without the need to sell an additional handset separately.

Communication takes place via 2 mobile phones connected to the cordless office system, and communication can take place via the Internet. This model comprises a range of 3.5 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm loudspeakers and a 2.2 mm loudspeaker.

The system combines fixed cell technology with the ability to connect to cell technologies and uses DECT-6 advanced digital technology to improve the range and sound quality of all cordless mobile phones, including a built-in digital answering machine. You can make and receive calls from any Vtech handset without looking for a phone.

Clear conference telephony without interference is also an important selling point of Vtech and it is available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

NEC SV9100 - The ideal phone for your digital needs

SV9100 Phone is fast and easy with a web-based management tool, and it includes the ability to make and receive calls, as well as set a time on your desk. Discount prices include the same price as the other top digital phone models in this list, but at a lower price.

This classic telephone offers functions for the general office, making it the ideal phone for your needs. With this digitally compatible NEC telephone, you can resolve service problems directly from the phone and record calls.

Other great desk phone

8004 Analogue Phone offers affordable quality with additional features that simplify and streamline daily business communications. 

The SV8100 DECT handset is easy to use, has an attractive design and can use both Dect IP and DECE infrastructure. 

With a DC-powered telephone, the slim and compact 9116 analogue telephone offers a high value on the digital telephony market.

The market-leading DECT solution is available in a wide range of colours and sizes, from black and white to red and blue. NEC’s Dect mobile phones also process a wide range of applications such as voice, text, video and voice-to-text communication. DECT phone handset provides hands-on support for both DECE infrastructure and DCT IP, as well as a number of other features.

Other great desk phone

Contact BTelecommunications for Your Modern and Functional Business Desk Phones

At BTelecommunications UK, you can access a long range of modern and stylish business desk phone systems with advanced functionalities for ease of business. 

Call a BTelecommunications representative today and ask for a full range of business telephone systems as well as special business-to-business telephone suites. 


VoIP – All of our desk phones operate with VoIP, which transmits your calls online.

No – By using the same technologies as apps such as Skype, our service is an enterprise-grade solution specifically tailored for small to medium-sized companies. Also, we don’t route all our calls via servers in the UK, meaning there’s no lag or call quality issues.

It’s perfect. Desk phones are very economical with the amount of data they require and use HD encoding technology.

To work at optimum speeds, most desk phones need just 80kbs of data. If you want to know if your internet connection is going to be good enough to operate your office phone system, give us a call.

They come with advanced apps, including call switch, hold, line redirect, call recording, voicemail, voicemail to email, mobile matching, conference calling, and more. For more information on unique apps, call us today on PhoneXXXX.

If you want to see anything outside of our feature list that you would like, please speak to us.

Broadband – Our telephones need the broadband standard. 80kbs is enough to run an optimum quality single computer.

Hardware features – We sell a variety of telephones appropriate for any business use. Our entry-level T20p is suitable for general office use, but if you are a high volume user or receptionist, we would recommend advanced or executive-level phones. Our Cordless phones are perfect for portability when you need them. If you need additional telephone option details you can call us at PhoneXXX.