Video Calling

Video calls, as well as Skype calls, vary from video conferencing since they are meant to represent people, not communities. This difference, however, has become increasingly blurred with technological advancements such as improved capacity and sophisticated software that can support multiple calling parties. 

The term, videoconferencing is more commonly used in general everyday use instead of video calling for point-to-point calls between two devices. All text and video conferencing calls are more widely referred to as a video link.

Video call features

Web conferencing software is an online service that offers both audio conferencing and video calls and video conferencing. Web-Conferencing allows you to use a variety of tools, such as a built-in camera, video recorder and microphone. 

Web conferencing tools include the ability to set up a live video call where participants can dial in and collaborate with other members of your team and other participants in the room.

With this free web conferencing software, you and your team can access most of the features of your mobile app. WebEx video conferencing allows you to participate in a live video call from where you can use your device to access the Internet, such as your phone or tablet.

Video call features

Google Hangout

The set of conference tools in Hangouts allows you to host video meetings that anyone can participate in using the links provided. If a full video call is too much for you, you can dial into an audio call – just call. Participants can also sign in by logging in with a Google account or downloading the relevant plugins.

To start a video Hangout on your iOS or Android device, install the Google Hangouts app, create a group chat, share an email or Google Plus, or send a permanent link so people can join the video Hangout. To start your video call, select a contact and then press the button to start and start the video call.


FreeConference keeps things wonderfully simple for the user as there is no software to install and it is free to use.

FreeConference is not without limitations, but there is a mobile app and you can use features such as on-screen file sharing. You can take part in both text and video chat, and it is possible to participate without installing a web browser. 


If your team does a lot of instant messaging, you probably already know about the effectiveness of Slack. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use, well-integrated, and easy for team members to use, this is it. Because Google Hangouts are run in the browser and not in an external app or software, people often experience call quality problems when they are packed with subscribers.


While Google Hangouts is a fine conference video call app, Duo is the most popular video calling app on the market. You do not need to log in with your entire Google Account, just provide your phone number to start using it. Google Duo can chat with up to eight people in a single video call without you having to sign in or sign in to a full Google account.


Skype allows users to hold video and audio conferences that can accommodate up to 25 participants and can also support multi-person video conferencing with other Skype users, enabling on-the-go conferencing.

Skype was one of the first video telephony techniques to become a household application, and it is still a popular choice for video chats. If you start a video call with fewer than 25 subscribers, you can choose not to ring the bell. Instead, subscribers will receive a notification that the call has started and will be able to select the “Connect Call” button as soon as they are ready.

You can then start adding contacts from the selected list using the search bar or enter the person you want to invite to the group video call, check their name and check them off in a search box. 

To start a group of video calls, select the right arrow at the top right of the screen to create your group, click on the new list of group chat options, enter the name of your groups, and select a camera icon to upload a photo for each group. Before you start the video calls of the groups, you can select your new chat button and enter a name for your group.

If you have the right equipment, you can send and receive 720p HD video streams and send them to your friends, family members, work colleagues, colleagues and even friends of friends.



With GoToMeeting, you can collaborate via screen share, join a video conference from any device, and record your meeting sessions for easy review later. Currently, there are no free options, but for small teams looking for video conferencing and collaboration options, it costs just $16 a month to start. This feature can be activated or deactivated depending on company policy, the number of participants and team size.


Zoho Meetings is a completely browser-based conferencing solution without downloads. The service is free, but you have to pay for a whole year and invite 250 participants to each meeting. The price tag for this video conferencing solution includes the ability to record the meeting in real-time, as well as access to all the features of the Zoho Meeting app.

Participants can dial in for audio over the phone, and session chats are also available, but toll-free numbers are an additional cost option. Features include a call that can accommodate up to 1,000 participants, and a session chat is also available for audio and video conferencing.


Facetime doesn’t feel very intuitive at first. With an updated plan, companies can hold meetings and video conferences of any length, including many other features. The ability to make gigantic group calls would only make Skype more useful for companies with large numbers of employees.

With the FaceTime Messages app, you first call one or more people, add the people you want to chat with, then make another call and add others to the call you started. Apple’s video chat feature has supported chats with up to 32 people since iOS 12.1, but the feature is currently only available on desktops and laptops. The feature was just recently launched on Android.

Facebook Messenger

If you have the Facebook Messenger app, you already have access to group video calls on your iPhone or Mac, and if you’re already connected to a group of people you want to call on Facebook, it’s a cross-platform app that almost everyone already uses. People who don’t have Skype can still make group calls through the app or web client.


Discord is a gaming-centric app and relatively newcomer. It is mostly used for voice and text chats. Snapchat supports larger chats than the last two services and offers video calls for up to 10 people, but Snapchat itself has the fun features you have when you use other parts of Snapchat.

Video call recording

You can also always use a screen capturing software to record your online video meetings such as Skype, Skype for Business or Google Hangouts.

FaceTime does not support call recording, so you will need to download or purchase additional software to record your FaceTime calls. On the other hand, Skype for Business (included with Office 365) has a built-in voice recording function that lets you record Skype, Hangouts and Viber and record the video of your meetings, phone calls and text messages.

These are all worthwhile call recording and video apps that are useful for recording meetings.

When you are done recording, ask to download the recording and upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox. The recording quality is good and the app stores the video call in the cloud even if it is not available on your computer or phone.

With the “Start” option you can explore the functions, set some parameters and start the call. To record the meeting, click the Record button and then start recording. Once everyone has joined, ask if they are doing well, and when everyone has joined, press record.

After hanging up, the app typically saves the recording to your phone, where you can download it to listen to later. Make sure your preferred phone or video conferencing app can record the call first.

Sometimes it’s easier to call Skype from a traditional phone number to Skype or Google Hangouts. To record a Skype audio or video call, connect CallNote to your Skype by following the programme’s instructions.

If you select the option to start recording automatically, Callote will become active as soon as you make or receive the call. You can enable the option to start recording whenever a call starts, or to notify all subscribers that the calls are being recorded.

Like Apowersoft Screen Recorder, this app also allows you to adjust the resolution, bit rate and frame rate of the recording. Video call recordings are displayed in a recording list in the app, but tapping on the time range to finish recording requires the use of a tap-to-record button, which sometimes does not work well.

There are a number of ways to record video calls on iPhone and Android, but the easiest way to record Hangouts calls is to use a generic screen capture program like Screen Recorder.

The free version of Skype does not allow you to record calls without using additional software. However, Skype offers a number of third-party connections in applications that you can plug into the application to enable call recording. 

Pamela on Skype is another great software that can be used in any window to record Skype interviews and podcasts. This is one of the best call recorders on Skype, offering users so many possibilities. It’s amazing because you don’t have to set up so much to record your Skype calls. You can customise the messages to suit your friends’ needs and even create Skype videos that can be recorded in various formats such as audio, video or audio.

This on-screen recorder records everything on your desktop, whether it’s a video call or mouse movements. With its built-in recording feature, Skype automatically records the entire Skype call window and stores the call in a file that can be downloaded for up to 30 days.

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that lets you meet with others in real-time by having a live chat. With the zoom, you can record sessions to watch later and share them on social media sites.

You can use Zoom as host, participant, or even as a third participant in a meeting, and you automatically join the meeting when the host arrives. If your host decides not to let the attendees in, you will see a message on the screen and your meeting will begin.

Basic features include the ability to chat with and call individual contacts and exchange information about the meeting with other participants. If you want to ask participants to agree to the recording, you can configure this setting in the recording settings.

Viber is the world’s first and only real-time video calling service for mobile devices. You can chat with up to six people simultaneously via video worldwide free of charge via Instagram.

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Video conferencing is a two-way interactive communication that is provided using telephone or Internet technologies that allow people to come together for a meeting at different locations. Video calling can be as easy as conversing in private offices (point-to-point) between two people or involving multiple sites (multi-point) with more than one person in large rooms at different locations.


A simple setup for video calling includes a camera and a microphone (both features are available on a business smartphone). Video from the camera and audio from the microphone is translated into a digital format and transmitted via a coding and decoding system to a receiving site, often referred to as a “codec.”

Video calling saves time and money for travelling. All other participants can see and hear, and communicate verbally and visually, providing a face-to-face interaction.

Clothes with solid clothes are best, and white frontal light is also preferred. Standard overhead lights are capable of casting shadows as camera cannot properly focus in low light. Finally, ensure the backdrop does not have rough lines or complicated patterns.

The quality of a video call depends primarily on the properties of the network link between the conference sites. Typically, to achieve a high-quality video call, a bandwidth of about 768kbps over a switched network is required.

  • Allow for a few minutes to set up or shut down the video call or conferencing.
  • Stick to deadlines.
  • When you are not talking, make sure to mute your microphone.
  • Take turns talking and allow time for voice delay.
  • Don’t multitask on camera.
  • Be conscious of likely environmental or audio distractions and both parties should try to minimise them as much as possible. These could be someone coughing, another phone ringing, laptop and projector fans, paper shuffling, air conditioning units etc.