Business Phone System for Central Office/HQ

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BTelecoms delivers leading-edge business phone solutions in Nationwide, UK, giving central offices and headquarters exposure to a range of the phone systems of big business at the rates of small business.

You never need to miss out on a business call again with complete electronic control panel access, resulting in greater operating performance and improved revenue for your business.

With more than hundreds of satisfied customers in the Nationwide, UK, our cloud-based, fast and cost-effective business telephony system remains a very popular option for startups, small businesses, and big companies alike.

Businesses equipped with BTelecoms’ business telephone system for headquarters can increase productivity and improve office communication.

Enterprise Class Cloud Phone Services for Central Offices/HQs

If you want the most of today’s small business phone systems and have a toehold on the future, the perfect alternative is cloud phone services. They take the form of a web application or script, and function with the aid of an internet connection.

Cloud phone services don’t even have a physical PBX device, but rather a virtual PBX hosted on the cloud keeps the engine running. Even the need for handset equipment is removed, since the program can be downloaded from any smartphone connected to the internet.

VoIP services are the first choice for many start-ups because they can cost less than traditional telephone services. Normally you pay extra for answering machines, but it’s still a great option for businesses and startups.

With VoIP business telephony systems, you have all the tools you need to build better relationships with your customers and provide fast, reliable, and professional services.

Enterprise Class Cloud Phone Services

What Are the Features of Our Central Business Phone System?

Enables multimodal connectivity

BTelecoms central phone system enables multimodal connectivity, where workers navigate the network through a range of telephone networks including POTS, ISDN, mobile phones, and VOIP. This allows for one extension to ring in different positions (either simultaneously or in sequence).

Allows Integration of Valuable Third-Party Services

Supports integration with custom toll plans (that require intra-company calls to be dialled at a cheaper rate, including from private premises) and integrated billing and accounting (where calls made on a private line but on behalf of the client are billed centrally to the company).

High Degree of Customisation

Our central phone system offers a high degree of customisation, so that you can combine bundled features that you don't have to pay for or use to create exactly the features you need to meet your specific needs. Our VoIP solution provides access to advanced telephony capabilities to save costs by merging telephone and Internet systems into a single network.

New Level of Flexibility and Efficiency

BTelecoms’ business phone systems bring a new level of flexibility and efficiency. We provide an easy-to-use app for businesses to manage their central office phone system. With this app, you can access multiple directories, log current calls, listen to business answering machines from any mobile device, and direct corporate calls to your phone or other employees’ phones.

Highly-Secure Communication System

BTelecoms offers highly-secure, privately managed voice network for companies with more than XXX employees. This state-of-the-art central business phone solution enables you to manage communication between your business and its customer base much more easily.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a feature for business phones that ensures that customer calls never go unanswered. When activated on any phone number, all incoming calls on the line are redirected to a specific phone designated for the answering machine, making it convenient for business owners who do not want to make important calls via voicemail.

Available in a Range of Colours and Sizes

Our business phone system for central office is used by many professionals for multi-line handling and more and is available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Voice Mail

The business telephone system from BTelecoms is equipped with voicemail and it is available in different brands at an additional cost. Just like answering machines on mobile phones, they allow callers to tell you exactly what they want. This saves you time and money on handwritten messages and allows you to use your business resources more effectively. You also have access to a wide range of voice and video calls, as well as a variety of e-mails and SMS messages.

Automated Voice Messages

Automated voice messages that direct customers from a central business phone number to different departments and locations can be generated by using a central telephone system for central office and office systems.


BTelecoms’ business phone systems are cloud-based - compared to conventional telephone systems. This means that business communications are handled by employees and can be operated from a central location, rather than from an individual's home or office.

Costs Less Than Conventional Telephone Systems

IT infrastructure and traditional telephony systems can be expensive and time consuming - many small businesses rely on our cloud-based telephony systems because they can scale quickly and easily as their business grows.

Wide Range of Business Applications

For a fraction of the cost, you get all the features you enjoy, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and you also get access to a wide range of business applications and services for your small business.

Virtual Reception

Our business phone system allows you to answer many different calls simultaneously without hosting the infrastructure on site. You can manage toll-free numbers, have a unique phone number, just like a traditional telephone system, and direct calls to extension dials tailored specifically to your employees. It enables a wide range of use cases, including setting up a virtual reception to process calls and relay them to staff via a mobile app.

What Are the Benefits of Our Business Phone System for Central Office?

Appear Professional

BTelecoms business phone system for central offices allows you to present a professional image and present your business in a way that traditional telephone systems do not, without the additional costs that come with it.

Grows With Your Business

BTelecoms’s IP phone system is scalable to a large extent, we can upgrade the system according to the requirements of your growing business. You don't have to worry about the cost of extra phone lines. As your business grows, you can all have the same phone functions in one place without the need for a physical phone line.

Smooth Business Operations

All employees in the office can use the same voice resources. Existing telephone systems allow workers to transfer calls from one to the other, and this ability alone can make the business run more smoothly.

Greater Flexibility and Mobility

Businesses will have greater flexibility and mobility as they can find themselves anywhere in the world, even in their home country or another country.

Reduces Cost

A business telephone system reduces the cost of various business aspects. VoIP business telephones do not require on-site installation unless you opt for a dedicated server to process the input data.

No Need to Buy New Hardware

A business telephone system is a great way to eliminate the need to purchase new hardware for each new employee and to install new equipment.

Quick to Deploy

If you are a start-up and need to make cold calls to prospective customers and potential investors, a cloud-based telephone system provides a quick way to do so. If you hire a member of the sales team, they can be set up within a few days without the need for new equipment.

Accessible From Anywhere

One of the great things about cloud-based business telephony systems is that they allow you to access your data from anywhere in the world, from any device, anytime, without the need for a physical phone line.

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VoIP business phone system enables employees to make business calls without the need for a special mobile phone. We have everything you need, making it a turnkey solution that every business wants. Get in touch with our sales representative to request for quote today. Call 02380 970979 now.


No, while conventional business telephone system requires PBX to be installed onsite, this function can be achieved remotely, which is what a cloud-based system is all about. What’s more, cloud-based systems offer easy scalability options for businesses, and tend to be cheaper than traditional counterparts.

IP PBX is much easier to deploy and customise than a proprietary PBX system. IP PBX services run as software on a device and can incorporate sophisticated application and user interface computing resources, as well as apps.

Anyone with networking and programming experience can build and manage a company IP PBX. On the other hand, proprietary solutions also need a professional developer but for that specific business program!

When choosing a phone operator for your central office, look for a service that offers all the features and tools you want in your phone system and the same level of service as your provider or partner expects.

You also need to think about availability, IT for the operation, and maintenance of your PBX, and whether you have a high-speed Internet connection. You should also consider your office location and phone number.

Our office telephone system differs primarily in the technology we use and the cost of our service provider. First and foremost, we differ from other business telephony systems in terms of technology, usage, costs and service providers.

For businesses that don’t need a full-fledged telephone system, a hosted virtual system can be a great solution for a variety of business needs, such as customer service, customer service and business communications.

This could include self-employed people who work from home and do not want to pass on their mobile home numbers to their customers.

A company telecommunications network differs from the deployment of multiple telephones with multiple central office (co) lines in that the co lines used are directly controllable from multiple telephone stations on main telephone networks, and that such a system also provides additional call handling functionality.

Often, company telecommunications networks are commonly divided into primary telephone systems and private branch exchanges but there are also alternative systems.

Finding the right company for business telephony systems largely depends on the size of your budget and the needs of your business. Make sure you have all the functionality your business needs to succeed, whether in the office, at home or on the road. Don’t be impressed by additional features that are useless for some companies.

Ultimately, it is up to you to choose which system you use and which you know is best for you, your customers and your business. A good business telephony system with the right functions for your company saves you and the company a lot of money and lowers your costs.

If you need our help to choose, please get in touch with our expert team.