Business Phone System for Contact Centre Services

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BTelecoms is a contact centre technology provider and will provide it the way you need it: in the public, private, or hybrid cloud, or at your premises. We offer call centre solutions for companies of all sizes, based on the best of both worlds: easy to use, powerful and scalable. Our cloud-based telephony system can provide a delightful end-to-end customer experience across a variety of channels.

Our call centre telephony solution enables companies to manage outgoing calls that keep their employees and agents productive and in control of customer care and acquisition. This combination does not only impact sales and marketing, but also achieve the goal of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which enables customers to get the best out of their products and services.

With BTelecoms, both outbound and inbound call centre facilities are available to businesses, based on their company needs.

Why Do You Need a Modern Business Phone System for Your Contact Centre?

Rising customer expectations and new technologies enabling many communication channels have led to a significant change in the traditional call centre model that has existed for decades.

Customers are no longer limited to voice-based communications to connect with their customer service department. Customer service teams now have the ability to offer telephone support while managing other channels, such as providing customer information and history before a call is answered.

Call centres have evolved in response to the new digital technologies of the old telephone systems.  Our call centre shouldn’t be left behind.

While today’s call centres do a good job of making and receiving calls, modern call centre software can do much more with the power of telephone interaction. When you rely on a call centre service provider, you have access to features designed to make customers prefer the telephone channel itself, making it more efficient and convenient for them.

Business Phone System Solutions for Contact Centres

What Business Phone System Solutions Do We Offer for Contact Centres?

  • Telecommunications hardware and software
  • Automated telephone systems for answering incoming calls
  • Outgoing automatic dialling technology
  • Call management and call processing
  • Automated incoming and outgoing calls processing without involving human agents

What Are the Key Features of Our Business Phone Systems for Contact Centres?

Real-time call-to-call Mixing

Real-time call-to-call mixing allows agents to be scripted and fully mixed as a simultaneous user license, so your contact centre can handle a variety of call and campaign types to maximize efficiency and increase total revenue. Instead of buying an expensive centre system designed to support a particular location, you can scale to as many people and assign any number of team members logged in simultaneously.

Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)

Interactive voice responses are automated customer service systems that present different menus and guide callers to the information they are looking for through recorded responses. Contact centres make better use of interactive voice response systems (IVR). Some call centres use IVR as an automated digital assistant controlled by voice input or keyboard input. This improves the contact centre’s ability to tailor the customer experience to specific callers and improve customer satisfaction.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution software can intelligently route the call to the most appropriate agent based on rules and skills, as well as the ability to assign agents to different call centres. We use ACIS, short for Automatic Customer Caller Identification System, which enables ACD to intelligently forward calls. This is the backbone of a call centre and streamlines the communication process; incoming calls are not simply sent to every available agent. Having all the information about a customer provides a personal experience and the ability to solve problems quickly.

Digital Call Centre Infrastructure

Digital call centre infrastructure encourages people to operate from home or some other place rather than in a conventional, fixed call centre environment, also enabling people with 'on-the-go' or physical or other limitations to work from different positions - i.e. not leaving their house. The only required resources are internet access and a workstation. It is cost-effective and without installing the basic infrastructure such as diallers, ACD, and IVRs, businesses can start their call centre company immediately.

Campaign Management System (CMS)

Outbound call centres require a Campaign Management System (CMS) to let field representatives in the call centre know who they are contacting and create a list of phone numbers and e-mail contacts. If your call centre is sales or customer service oriented, a call recording system that captures interactions is essential to enable it to be repeated when questions about interaction arise. The CMS enables sales representatives to record how customers respond to their sales calls. All interactions, not just telephone calls, can be recorded in the system for future references.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Our call centre solution makes it easy to keep track of all communications. The Analytics makes it possible to track and monitor KPIs, and with a cloud-based system, they can be set up in minutes. BTelecoms’ call centre software provides insightful reporting that helps your team continuously improve customer service, as well as real-time customer satisfaction and satisfaction data. Comprehensive report-on-call scheduling codes can give you a good idea of how your call centre is doing, as well as the status of calls and scheduling.

Customisable for Multiple Call Processing

Supervisors and agents provide the bulk of the staff in your call centre, and if an agent needs help with a customer, the supervisor must have the ability to handle the call. The call would be configured to handle many calls at once and forward them to the relevant helpdesk staff, depending on whether the customer has called before or recently or whether he has called before.

Easy Customer Data Discovery

Call centre systems have similar characteristics to conventional business telephone systems, which are also known as telephone systems. Our call centre solution offers the possibility of finding the right customer contact data for each customer across all channels. Its predictive dialler is used for telemarketing campaigns.

Compatible With ERP Tools

BTelecoms’s business telephone systems also work with enterprise resource tools and CRM. You want to integrate your CRM software directly into your call centre software to better serve your customers. With our solution, your call centre system would be integrated with your CRM system on the back and deployed with front-end call routing to collect helpdesk data for later analysis or to route customer call data to future opportunities.

Seamless CRM integration

CRM integration ensures that you always have the data you need at hand, and real-time call-to-call blend gives you the best possible customer experience, allowing agents to completely blend in and out without a simultaneous user license.

Multimedia Administration

Covers telephony, fax, talk and voice mail and helps streamline the activities of contact centres

Smooth Helpdesk Features

Helpdesk functions help customers across all channels, from customer service to customer support, and even customer loyalty. This helpdesk customer service solution gives you the ability to create a ticket to help your agent track issues until they are resolved.

What Are the Key Benefits of Business Phone System for Contact Centres?

Reduced Operating Costs and Downtime and Increased Connectivity

Companies can rely on call centre telephone services to respond to their customers queries by phone, email, fax or both. Companies with an outsourced goal, such as a customer service centre, can use cloud-based telephony to reduce operating costs and downtime and increase connectivity. Our system integrates customer relationship management tools for your business.

Easy and Quick Access to Information for Better Customer Experience

This means that your front-line staff - no matter which customer you speak to - have access to all the information they need to solve problems right in front of them. This workflow leads to good customer resolution, and placing all this information in a single view helps employees achieve a superior customer experience.

Improves Sales and Performance

BTelecoms’s call centre solution can leverage its cloud customer contact technology to improve sales performance and provide fast and helpful customer service across all channels. Cloud-based call centres can help boost profits while offering a handful of other benefits.

Hire Talents From Anywhere in the World

Our cloud-based call centre system also allows companies to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world without necessarily having to relocate your activities. This means that your call centre can employ agents who work from home saving your business money, materials, resources and office space.

Improves Customer Experience

BTelecoms’s call centre technologies can be used to improve the customer experience. Our call centre software and hardware help callers - centre agents answer questions more easily, improve their own service over time, and serve caller needs better overall.

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The contact centre solutions offered by BTelecoms are intelligent, robust and secure and are best suited for contact centres.

BTelecoms’s contact centre software is a leading provider of contact centre software based on the innovative approach designed to provide the most advanced call centre functionality in the industry, meeting all the needs of today’s business and customer service needs in a more efficient and efficient way. To learn more or request for quote, please contact us on 02380 970979.


A business telephone system is an advanced telephone network designed to improve communication between small and large organizations and everything in between. Your office phone system has business telephones that are designed to handle everything.

A “hosted” PBX system is a system where the provider actually hosts the PBX and the handset is connected to it via an Internet connection. IP PBX is a uses an Internet Protocol (IP) data network to manage the routing and switching of calls and process messages.

You don’t have to buy and maintain devices on site when you set up a hosted PBX and it can be easily installed.

You can manage toll-free numbers, have unique numbers like a traditional telephone system, or you can forward calls to extensions specific to each employee. This enables a variety of different business use cases, including setting up a virtual reception that handles calls and relays them to employees via a mobile app.

Yes, our business telephone system can evolve by adding and integrating automated services that use a wide range of business telephony services, including voice, text, video, voice over IP and voice over Internet (VoIP) services. We provide a private, privately managed voice network for business telephones. By unifying all these factors, a modern business telephone solution makes communication between your company and its customer base much easier to manage and is sold in a variety of different formats.

Yes. Nowadays, remote employees are increasingly common, and systems designed by geographically dispersed companies for remote workers have all the features you might need to make your business thrive. If you can’t afford to run a full institution BrandXXX can work with you to prioritize and build the rollout and address it as budget and time allow.

For over 10 years we have a committed team of project executives working in the contact centre field. We will make your contact center experience the value of our new telephony programme.