Business Phone System for Government, Public and Education Sectors

If you are a small to medium-sized company (SME) in the financial sector, BTelecoms has the perfect telephone system for you. Our business phone system provides powerful functionality for your office and gives you the advantage of an enterprise system at half the cost and size.

Investing in our automated telecommunications and in a reputable tech provider will insure you get the ideal VoIP telephone number for the financial services field.

As a business phone system provider, we provide fully elastic systems so they can expand with the company size and respond to growing customer demands. Your financial company can also purchase new products and apps as and when appropriate, so make sure you pick the right virtual telephone network for your financial business by choosing BTelecoms today.

What Are the Types of Business Phone System We Provide?

The range of telephone systems includes IP-based network communication platforms for large organizations based at multiple locations, desktop-based mobile phones for small and medium-sized enterprises, and IP-based networks and communication platforms.

BTelecoms offers flexibility and manageability, which makes it ideal for small and medium enterprises as well as large organizations. The range of IP and PBX systems combines the advantages of traditional telephone communication with IP technology and offers the possibility to handle all required communications.  All the telephone systems we provide are easy to install.

Business Phone System

BTelecoms Business Phone System for Government

Departments of government require versatile and safe accessibility communication tools to allow government officials to share sensitive information. Our secure business phone systems and apps accredited by standards will ensure safe collaboration and communication anywhere in the world, improving productivity and enabling smooth operations.

BTelecoms Business Phone Systems for Schools

BTelecoms phone solution for schools provides all the same business phone systems capabilities, plus several additional essential features that allow quicker, more effective and scalable communications.

Our state-of-the-art technologies help leaders and employees in the school sector keep up with the messaging habits and demands of today’s tech-savvy parents, teachers, public officials, community outlets, internet providers and others.

BTelecoms Business Phone System for Public Sector

Policy workers in the public sectors can conveniently and safely connect and interact with our phone business systems wherever they are in the world.

Our reliable shared collaboration system guarantees that private meetings and communications remain confidential and safe while offering a streamlined interface with a variety of business-friendly functionality, such as automated switch-on at meeting hours.

What Brands of Business Phone Systems Do We Supply?


Ericsson-LG Telephone Systems. ...


Avaya Telephone Systems. ...


Alcatel Telephone Systems. ...


Samsung Telephone Systems. ...


NEC Telephone Systems. ...


Panasonic Phone Systems. ...


SpringCom Hosted Telephone Systems.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Our Business Phone Systems?

Our business phone solutions come with features and tools that enable your team to achieve a high level of productivity and efficiency every time. These features and benefits include:

Never Miss a Call Again

Our cloud infrastructure ensures that whether in the workplace, on the road or at home, your employees never miss a call again. With our hosted PBX technology, you have the option of integrating redundancy into all the components that enable you to communicate via your telephone.

Cheaper and More Effective

Our VoIP telephone systems are cheaper and more effective than traditional fixed-line telephone systems for public sector employees. VoIP systems can save companies up to 75% of their telephone costs compared to traditional fixed network systems.

Works With What You Are Already Using

VoIP phones are typically integrated with what you already use, which can help your business deliver better customer service to you and your customers.

No Need for Dedicated Mobile Phone

BTelecoms VoIP technology enables employees to receive and make business calls without the need for a dedicated mobile phone. VoIP system provides smartphone applications and mobility features that enable employees to enjoy the full functionality of their desk phone anytime, anywhere. This allows you to make many different calls simultaneously without hosting the infrastructure on site.


You can have a unique phone number, just like a traditional telephone system, or you can manage toll-free numbers, route calls to and from your employees-specific extensions and back and forth between your office and your business office. This allows you to integrate functions such as setting up a virtual reception for processing calls and forwarding them to employees via a mobile app.

Constantly Updated

According to a recent report by the National Association of Telephone and Telecommunications Companies, telephone companies no longer offer updates to the systems they used to offer and are not developing new analogue systems. Conversely out cloud-based business phone is constantly updated to meet the changing needs of your workforce and the people you serve.

Works With What You Are Already Using

VoIP phones are typically integrated with what you already use, which can help your business deliver better customer service to you and your customers.

Facilitates Better Collaboration

BTelecoms VoIP technologies can help municipal and state governments promote greater communication, deliver reliable information, improve processes and offer excellent services to the public.

Improves Services to the People

VoIP telephone systems can help government agencies improve their services to people. Government workers can connect and interact through devices and in real time with their constituents and peers to represent the public more efficiently.

Enables the Implementation of Unified Communication System

Government employees can turn to a Unified Communication (UC) system that incorporates text messaging, email, fax, and voice mail to connect more easily while reducing monthly communication bills. A unified cloud communication reduces the need for a separate telephone network so that employees can communicate more effectively. It’s crucial that you consider using a multi-channel network for your business telephony systems.

Efficient Enterprise Resource Management

One of the advantages of using a BTelecoms business telephone system is that workers in all offices can share the same resources. The telephone systems allow workers to transfer calls from one to the other, and this ability alone can make the business run more smoothly.

Significantly Reduces Costs

Government organizations may cut costs by reducing the use of dedicated telephone lines by integrating data and voice services via a single interface. VoIP telephone systems can help both state governments and local government transform their departments into a modern, dynamic, and flexible workforce that delivers high-quality services and enables agencies to make significant savings.

Stay Connected Any Where, Any Time

BTelecoms business phone system is mobile. This empowers governments and government agencies to help employees remain engaged with their coworkers and voters, even while they are on the job, at home, on the train, or in transit. These systems allow calls received by the Head Office to be forwarded to staff working in other offices, such as the Office of the Secretary of State, the Chief of Staff and the Director of Public Affairs.

Tailored to Your Workplace’s Peculiar Need

BTelecoms business telephone system allows you to develop and deploy apps for the devices you use to connect with customers and colleagues. It can be tailored to your company's unique needs, enabling you to get more out of your office phone systems and connect more easily with your customers and constituents.

GDPR Compliant

With a hosted telephone service, your school can be GDPR compliant, whether small or large, state-run or independent. It is easier than ever to integrate communication between staff and teachers than to provide a dedicated physical telephone, which can be costly and impractical depending on the age and layout of the building.

Can Be Used Remotely

For organisations embracing remote work, our business phone system is a dream come true. Your remote workers can also have access to telephone system features such as automated receptionists, Voice over IP (VoIP) services, and voice and text messages.

Perfect for Remote Meetings

Support the communication needs of managers, knowledge workers and support employees in a variety of situations such as meetings, meetings with colleagues or meetings between employees and decision makers.

Combines Modern and Traditional Functions

BTelecoms telephone system offers a wide range of state-of-the-art functions, but it also offers traditional functions that are found in most office telephone systems.

Simplifies Reporting

VoIP system as opposed to an on-site system keeps school employees in contact with their parents, teachers and other employees. VoIP also allows them to use the system to work and communicate from remote locations. The phone software simplifies reporting and makes ongoing communication more effective by allowing parents to contact them to report absences and forward calls to the right staff when they arrive.

No In-House Maintenance Needed

BTelecoms offers a business telephone solution that makes it possible for businesses, public sector organisations and government agencies to access a telephone system that is fast, costs less, reliable and easy-to-use, without having to buy and maintain an in-house telephone system called a PBX.

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Our cloud business phone system would be a great option for communication with much larger companies, and also for small businesses.

With more than hundreds of satisfied customers, our cloud-based, high-speed, low-cost, multi-channel, scalable, mobile and friendly business telephony service is and will continue to be a very popular option for many organisations.

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A cloud phone system, also referred to as a host phone system, uses the internet to connect all of the extensions to one another and the public telephone network.

There is no real physical phone network equipment (except for the phones) on location. The machine itself is easy to set up (often with options for plug and play).

You typically pay on a subscription basis for each app, meaning that there are no major upfront costs.

Employees need a secure way to communicate with customers and do business, but traditional business telephony systems lack the modern features that business owners need to stay in touch with their business and communications customers or team members.

Not surprisingly, many employees are used to the old telephone system and do not want to change their long-standing working habits. Take advantage of the innovative features of VoIP telephone systems with minimal disruption to your daily work.

Choosing the right business phone system depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the organisation, the type of business phones, and the number of employees.

Another consideration should be the cost. Providers usually charge for the phone system, installation, and maintenance of the telephone and a range of other services.

Also, understand that a system that has a low initial cost could cost more in the long run for maintenance, technical support, and more.

Lastly, don’t get carried away by many functionalities. As is so often the case with technological innovation, increased functionality can lead to confusion and uncertainty. What you need to consider is, how many tools do you really need, how will you use these tools and how many of them will you use?

Regardless of your organisation’s size, every business phone system we provide works efficiently. If you are lucky enough to have your own IT department, we offer many administrative tools and tutorials to help your team configure the best options for everyone.

With the right tools, your business phone system can work without any problems and free up their valuable desk properties for themselves.