Business phones for the IT Industry

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Modernize your business operations

IT or Information Technology is a catch-all for any job that is primarily to do with the operation of computers or developing for them within the IT industry/sector.

While people who work in tech may think that an office telephone network is rather old-fashioned, a business telephone service has a lot of positive benefits.

Although cell phones have the benefit of having a flexible and dispersed workforce, the use of personal phones at work does not give consumers a positive first impression of your company, and personal phones make networking with your colleagues more difficult for you.

Your IT firm will get a lot done in terms of communication with the right phone system. If you are in the market for a phone system, you are on the right page.

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Why do you need a phone system for your IT firm?

Whether you offer services online or provide support to businesses that do, you will benefit from the right business phone solution. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile phone, a tablet phone or even a desktop phone, it offers many features and functions that can increase efficiency, simplify tasks and even improve results.

Here are more reasons why you need one in your firm.

phone system for your IT firm

Give your employees mobility

Moving your company phone network to a dedicated system, especially a system on the cloud makes mobility achievable not just for your remote employees, but everyone in your company.

Employees around the board use their personal computers frequently for company activities, a development dubbed BYOD (bringing your own device). Through the cloud, you will use this system for your benefit. With mobile devices synced to your business phone system, the employees can use their personal mobile device to access functions, passwords, and voicemail, no matter where they are

Better flexibility

When IT employees leave their offices, they can stay connected to the company's phone system via mobile apps. This allows business employees to work immediately from a location other than the company's office, such as a hotel room, office building, or even a home office.

Companies that deploy high-quality telecommunications programmes give their employees the extra flexibility to do more work elsewhere. Remote workers will be able to access the main office telephone network as they should in any other part of the office.

Here at Btelecoms UK, we have a vast range of business telephone systems suitable for IT firms, both big and small.

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Get more done

For growing IT firms, business phone systems not only allow you to provide your clients with a professional image, but also provide your workers all the contact resources they need to get their job done. Links to smartphone devices that allow them to take their business line with them everywhere they go, and video conferencing systems mean that the employees can connect with others irrespective of where they are and whether they choose to engage with them.

This results in a high increase in productivity that may not be obtainable without this technology.

Save money on communication

Business telephone system helps businesses reduce costs in communication.

Small business VoIP telephony systems for example, are one of the most effective and cost-effective business telephony systems. It controls all the information, calls and communications that your customers and employees have with each other, while keeping their private phone numbers and other information secret. All at very affordable rates.

If you allow staff to use their own mobile phones for work, you are paying the expenses of numerous customer rate contracts. When you set up a multi-line company plan with one particular provider, you'll typically pay a slightly lower cost per handset. Like for most bulk orders, the more lines you use, the less per line you can expect to spend.

Better communication

The use of an office phone or any telephone required an operator to connect two physical lines so that the two parties could communicate. After decades of iterations and technological development, office telephone systems today enable you to communicate better and more conveniently with the company that matters most to you.

Boosts business success

The telephone system is an integral part of the overall success of your company because it is a central part of the overall business strategy and operation of the company.

Here at Btelecoms, we have a wide range of systems that can work for all IT firms regardless of size. However, we also have inhouse experts that can walk you through the available options and help you make an informed decision.

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What are the IT phone systems we offer?

Hosted Systems

Hosted systems are available for companies that do not require a full-fledged telephone system. This could include single people who work from home and do not want to share their mobile home number with their customers at home.

This type of service allows you to present a professional image and can have a unique phone number, just like a traditional telephone system. You can process toll-free numbers, route calls to extensions specific to your employees. This allows a virtual receptionist to take calls and forward them to employees via a mobile app.

This allows you to answer many different calls simultaneously without hosting the infrastructure on site..

On-site PBX

A modern telephone network needs to be able to do more than basic phone calls. You need an advanced system with features including voicemail-to-email, instant messaging and video conferencing.

On-site services, also referred to as on-site solutions, are hardware-controlled PBX / VoIP solutions, or a server located on-site, operated and controlled by the IT department of the company., which most IT firms are capable of handling on their own.

Such secure systems can be designed individually to suit your business 'unique needs, providing you with the best possible features from your mobile, conference and messaging programme.

Virtual PBX

If your business includes employees who frequently travel and work in many different places, a virtual PBX is a great option. Even better, you get all the features you enjoy, but at a fraction of the cost. It still has the same features as a traditional telephone system such as Voice over IP (VOIP) and SMS.

VOIP System

VoIP system that gives remote employees access to all the functions of a traditional telephone system such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and video chat. Today's technology offers workers a wide range of opportunities so that customers can reach them at any time. Growing companies want the functionality of sophisticated telephone systems at a reasonable price and IT firms want their remote employees to have access to all phones in the system.

For businesses like these, a VoIP system is the ideal solution.

Cloud-based systems

Cloud computing, one of the fastest growing technologies in the telecommunications industry, is rapidly disrupting the way companies set up and manage their telecommunications needs.
Most cloud-based systems allow you to record your own voicemails, set up multiple voicemails and read them online. You can also send and receive unlimited professional text messages via email, instant messaging, SMS and other forms of communication.
You can set up your phone to receive calls through a cloud-based phone system and forward them to your business phone, email, instant messaging, and other forms of communication.

You can use a traditional-looking phone in your office, but you can also set it to create a professional look and make your business sound bigger.
At Btelecoms UK, our communications specialists can help your organization make the right choice for all of your communication needs.
Learn how Btelecoms UK can help your organizations by taking advantage of the options mentioned above and more based on what is best for them.

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How can you choose a phone system for your IT firm?

Deciding what type of business phone system you want is crucial if you want your business to function smoothly. Nowadays, business teams have access to better opportunities when it comes to telephone systems, but it is still important that you choose the right one for you and your team and the type of telephone service provider, the type of business and telephone systems they want.

It is important to think not only about how employees can stay in touch with each other, but also how cooperation outside the office can be expanded. 

Look for business solutions that enable employees to use mobile apps and desktop apps that allow you to work creatively to stimulate collaboration. Giving employees the opportunity to make phone calls, work together and enjoy flexibility during their working day is a win – a win for everyone involved.

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How much does an IT business phone system cost?

When choosing a telephone system for your business, it is a big factor to decide how you want to equip your telephone system, which is necessary for running the system and hosting. VoIP PBX systems are much more expensive than a conventional telephone or exchange system.

Some providers offer systems based on premise and cloud, while others offer both options. The pricing of your business telephony system will depend on a number of factors.

The first will be the size of your business, but typical measures include the number of employees and the number of telephone lines available to your business. You want the telephone line you need at peak times, and extra phone lines cost more money. One trick to keeping costs in line with coverage is to work with a systems provider like Btelecoms UK that offers affordable business phone systems.

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You can have a unique phone number, just like a traditional telephone system, and you can handle toll-free numbers or route calls to extensions specific to your employees. Even better, for a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy all the features you enjoy, such as unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and unlimited data. It allows you to set up a virtual reception to process calls and forward them to employees via a mobile app.

VoIP services on-site allow you to manage equipment repair and maintenance. Most large businesses consider this incredibly cost-effective, because there is no recurring maintenance or repair bill. On-site services are also able to accommodate an incredibly high number of calls, with little to no downtime.

Modern PBX systems, the standard corporate switchboard, were mostly in-house. New technology has made this method obsolete to phone systems. Now we can host your device from a data centre, saving you the trouble of buying and storing the equipment. Additionally, if you need to change it, you don’t have to mess with it yourself. Just let us know and we are going to take care of this.

Give us a call, and we will arrange a date to arrive at your place of business to determine the system that is right for the needs of your company.

SIP Trunking is the technology to bring VoIP into your business. It is what allows you to send multiple data forms along the same lines, reducing the total costs and minimising latency and downtime.

It is possible to achieve the same or better level of service that you receive from your conventional analogue circuits while reducing your total costs, substantially increasing your functional characteristics and streamlining your communications. For example, long distance charges are usually reduced dramatically by simply incorporating SIP Trunking into your phone.