Business phones for the Legal Industry

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Technological advancement in the Legal Industry

A law firm is a legal enterprise founded by one or more lawyers who are allowed to engage in law practice. A law firm’s primary function is to counsel clients about their legal rights and obligations, as well as to represent clients in civil or criminal litigation, business transactions, and other matters where legal advice and other assistance is required.

Despite the fact that the law firm sector is rising increasingly in the years after the great recession of 2007/2008 due to the stabilization of the global economy, it is still facing major technical and cultural disruption.

As consumer preferences, perceptions and attitudes shift, we are experiencing many businesses implementing increasingly creative strategies to achieve greater performance, predictability and cost-efficiency. And one such way is by deploying a telephone system to help manage communications.

With BTelecoms, outbound and inbound call systems as well as a whole slew of features like video call conferencing, forwarding and much more are available to law firms, based on their company needs.

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Telephone systems for law firms

A lawyer needs to deal with a variety of individuals on a regular basis, from clients to colleagues, in order to administer justice. to keep private, sensitive information secure, their role requires easy and efficient communications.

Our business telephone system solutions at Btelecoms UK allows attorneys to be reached at any moment, wherever, and without violating their clients’ privacy.

Our range of phone systems from some of the top brands like Avaya, Alcatel, Samsumg, Ericsson, and Panasonic include:

Telephone systems for law firms

Virtual phone system

Because lawyers are now less tied to workplaces doesn't mean they really don't need a qualified office telephone network. In reality, professionalism is more critical than ever as business is done from courthouses to airports, to coffee shops everywhere.

Unfortunately, depending on mobile apps has historically meant running the risk of skipping crucial calls or not putting yourself on a rough front while you're on the move. Your only choice in the past has been to send out your personal mobile phone, which is far from optimal and does not assist in the transition of work and life.

But all this can change when you invest in a business telephone system for your law office, which will not only serve as your in-office communication backbone but can also forward important calls to your personal phone wherever you are.

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Cloud based systems

Cloud computing platforms can provide you with extra features, reduced pricing or both. And even though you may be OK with the device you're using at the moment, it may be worth a look at what's out there.

When you don't actually use a business phone network, several of the apps you lack include: dial-by-name directory, switch to automatic voice mailbox, extensions with each user, ringing several numbers concurrently, toll-free call, logging logs, optimized internet, fax connectivity for legal service administration, CRM or help applications.

Thankfully, all these and more can be gotten when you invest in a cloud-based business telephone system from Btelecoms. With this, you can handle your practice communication from anywhere in the world.

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VOIP business solutions

VoIP technology has been around for decades, and the services that use it have improved as broadband services have become more widely available and reliable.

VoIP telephone systems have been meeting the requirements of law firms for years and continue to help make them more efficient and effective in their business operations.

They help law firms to improve, from improved productivity to increased profitability. It helps them with the greater flexibility that traditional telephony services lack, as well as better customer service.

You can easily give remote employees access to your customer number, email address, phone numbers and other personal and contact information, as well as phone and SMS messages from your mobile phone, tablet or tablet computer to a remote employee. The VoIP telephone system is easy to install and inexpensive - effective to use and a great addition to any Law Firms network.

A VoIP system may be what your law firm needs to maintain the competitive advantage in today’s industry. With a reliable VoIP system in place, you can get a lot done no matter where you are as long as you have a reliable connection to the internet.

To explore VoIP systems for your law firm, get in touch with top VoIP systems partner Btelecoms UK. We have a wide range of options that will definitely suit law firms of every size.

What Are the Key Benefits of Business Phone System for Law Firms?

Give your legal team the tools and systems needed to ensure that your business is competitive in the highly competitive legal industry. Keep your client’s telephone number secret and ensure that your firm’s professionalism is communicated to your clients.

Not convinced? Here are more reasons to invest in a Btelecoms phone system for your law firm.

Cost saving

VoIP provides a cost-effective system of communication compared to simple old telephone systems (POTS) that use outdated and old copper cabling infrastructure.

Converting voice and data into a single internet channel can eliminate the need for special telephone lines.

VoIP telephone systems can help law firms reduce infrastructure, maintenance and service costs and increase their savings over BYOD solutions and softphones.

Improve professional appearance

Telephoning with a personal cell phone does not give you the right image as a lawyer, not to mention that it is not advisable for reasons of privacy.

VoIP services and business phone systems can appear to your customers as if you were telephoning from your office, enabling you to act professionally anywhere.

Our Btelecoms UK systems help even very small law firms to answer calls professionally and handle after-hours calls in a supportive and efficient way.

Helps with organisation

The ability to adjust the flow of incoming calls is critical to saving time, staying organized, and knowing what to expect. Phone system features, including time-logging features, make it easy to track your time.

This allows lawyers to view the call log to check how much time is spent per call, how many calls are made and how long they last.

Improved productivity

Business telephone systems can help law firms handle large volumes of calls and documents. It provides lawyers with easy access to relevant information by using unified communication (UC) solutions that combine a lot of communication features in a single platform.

Lawyers can work on more than one case at a time and spend most of their time in court or giving evidence over the phone. This allows you to give your partners and employees their own phone numbers so customers can call them without having to go through a companion or a human phone assistant.

Keep in touch from anywhere

If there are employees who commute, or existing employees who need to be on site, they can catch up if they need to. On site, employees can interact with people who are in the office, even if they are a few rooms above it. Lawyers can check messages and return phone calls during breaks in trials.

Clients are no longer limited by the geographical location of the recipient, and many law firms have mobile or remote staff and office partners. The business telephone system enables law firms to use their mobile and remote telephone systems at no additional cost. This fully hosted system can be accessed from anywhere in the UK and other parts of the world.

Ensures privacy

When a call is made, the firm's caller ID is passed on to the client, not a lawyer's personal mobile number. In this way, the telephone number remains private and ensures that your firm's trademark is passed on to your clients. A single, integrated application makes law firm employees more productive and efficient.

Helps in customer retention

A reliable telephone system is a crucial element of a law firm to ensure the effective functioning of your day-to-day business. A reliable telephone connection improves your ability to negotiate with customers, schedule meetings, and socialize with colleagues.

If potential customers are unable to make calls, they are moved to the next name on your list, and your business loses important revenue. If you have already started looking for a new phone system or have started exploring upgrade options, you should be aware that there are a variety of solutions.

For many law firms, the cost of maintaining telephone exchanges is a significant part of their annual operating costs, as well as the cost of equipment and maintenance.

Law firms need reliable, modern mobile telephony services to communicate effectively with sellers and customers. Btelecoms UK offers companies a wide range of mobile systems based on the latest Internet technology.

There are just so many ways a business telephone system can help your law firm in this technologically competitive age. For more details and to find out how you can deploy one for your business, get in touch with Btelecoms. The preferred partner for business telephone systems in the UK.

Switch over to a business phone system and improve productivity

When you think about what it takes to run a successful law firm, the first thing you probably think about is filling your briefcase with important legal documents. You spend a good part of your day on the phone, and one of the things most law firms rely on is their telephone system.

Generally, business telephone systems boost the effectiveness of lawyers, while increasing the quality of communication for clients and internal staff.

With a reliable business telephone system, when a call is made, the firm’s caller ID is passed on to the client, as opposed to a lawyer’s personal mobile number. This ensures that you keep your phone number secret and pass on your law firm brand to your clients.

Unified communications systems provider such as Btelecoms UK provide your legal team with the tools and systems needed to ensure that your business is competitive in the highly competitive legal industry.

It is a cost-effective way to provide a high level of service to your current and potential customers by eliminating the worry of missed calls and messages. By reducing costs, Btelecoms UK also helps improve customer interaction, retain top talent, and provide your team with mobility and flexibility.

Our marketing experts at Btelecoms UK are able to help your law firm make the right decision for all of the contact needs. 

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Overall, depending exclusively on your business ‘mobile phone plans might not be the best strategy – a competent, well-run business needs other features such as an automated receptionist or voicemail to show a good company picture and connect customers with whom it is trying to meet.

Communicating with clients and colleagues requires that businesses have some sort of telephone network. There are several different choices for buying and installing a phone system according to the needs of your company.

Unified Communications (UC) refers to a telephone network that incorporates various forms of communication within a company.

Perhaps your company interacts in a number of ways: phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, email, SMS, fax – the list is endless.

A UC solution puts together all the ways your business interacts and lets them “speak” to each other so that they can work together under one network – making your business even more effective.

UC basically seeks to combine real-time communication (voice, message, video, and so on.) as well as asynchronous communication such as fax and email into a single interface, such that the user can access all the resources on any system.

Lawyers work concurrently on more than one lawsuit, in addition to spending much of their time in court, deposition and on the phone. This is why lawyers need to use a feature-rich VoIP telephone system to help them stay connected anytime, anywhere.

We have a dedicated team of project executives working in the area of communication in the legal industry for over 10 years. This puts us in a good position to provide value-added services when it comes to a business telephone system for your law firm.

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