Business Phone Systems for Financial Services

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If you are a small to medium-sized company (SME) in the financial sector, BTelecoms has the perfect telephone system for you. Our business phone system provides powerful functionality for your office and gives you the advantage of an enterprise system at half the cost and size.

Investing in our automated telecommunications and in a reputable tech provider will insure you get the ideal VoIP telephone number for the financial services field.

As a business phone system provider, we provide fully elastic systems so they can expand with the company size and respond to growing customer demands. Your financial company can also purchase new products and apps as and when appropriate, so make sure you pick the right virtual telephone network for your financial business by choosing BTelecoms today.

Why Do You Need a Modern Business Phone System for Your Financial Services Company?

To Remain Competitive

Business communications may have changed dramatically in recent decades, but telephone systems are still an essential cornerstone of any business. In order to remain competitive and provide the kind of service that today's customers expect, modern companies need a reliable, top-of-the-line telephone system. Cloud-based business telephone systems give small businesses the benefits and functions of big business communication.

To Be Secure

In addition, owing to security issues, several businesses are opting for VoIP services along with a landline replacement. It is critical, as a financial services business located across the UK, that your phone networks do not hold you off from success.

For Adapt to an Increasingly Mobile World

Today's workplace is increasingly mobile, and small businesses are growing beyond personal phone lines. Small businesses, in particular, need to be able to operate from multiple locations, so a cloud-based telephone system would give them access to the types of networks and applications typically found in large companies.

To Make Your Work Easier

Whether you want to hire new employees or expand your communications and collaboration capabilities, upgrading your business phone system can make your work easier and improve your bottom line. BTelecoms offers a wide range of business telephone system solutions for the financial industry.

To Simplify Daily Work

The application of technical resources in the financial industry has unexpectedly grown. Most venture investors, traders, banks, and insurance companies are gradually dependent on collaboration tech, which tends to simplify daily work.

Business Phone System Is Now a Must for Financial Services

For financial service providers, a secure, reliable and efficient system is no longer a luxury; it’s now mandatory. The modern industry requires a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution for business telephone systems.

Meet Our Cloud-Based Business Phone System

BTelecoms cloud phone systems provide software that turns laptops and smartphones into business phones that are connected to the system and have access to all the same features.

We provide IP phone that you can connect to at work or at home, and you are able to connect all office locations and employees to a single system under a single administrator. With VoIP systems, you can make and receive calls to and from business from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Our VoIP telephony service for financial services businesses includes unlimited voice, video, and data connections.

BTelecoms is able to meet the needs of most businesses in the financial services sector with a wide range of features and high-quality customer service. All of our plans cover a variety of business areas, making it a turnkey solution for any business that wants it.

Whether you need a desktop or mobile business phone solution, BTelecoms has it for you. For distributed employees and small to medium-sized enterprises, we offer the most scalable and flexible solution to meet your needs. Depending on the number of lines and seats required and the size of your company, a variety of options are available.

What Are the Features and Benefits of BTelecoms Business Phone System?

Provides Competitive Edge

Our VoIP (voice over internet protocol) makes conventional telecommunications networks obsolete, making tasks less difficult and cutting communications costs by as much as 75%. With our advanced cloud-based technology, we are able to provide you with a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Analytics

Financial companies dealing with heavy data will benefit from comprehensive call analytics contributing to strategic decision-making.

Reduce Communication Costs

BTelecoms business phone system reduces the costs of communications. Financial services sector companies will achieve greater income from acquiring a business phone system because it has considerably reduced call costs.

Saves Significant Time

If your company has offices spread around various cities, you can save a lot of time because you will not have to fly for meetings with the staff, establish meetings between the participants at appropriate times in different time zones, support clients, complete tasks and work from the warmth of the workplace with collaborators. No more gas expenses!

Increase Organisational Performance

Business phone systems for financial institutions office phone numbers can increase organizational performance and profitability for workers. They are also a very cost-effective tool, and can result in more than 75% financial savings on telecommunications bills through economic call plans.

Project Professionalism

Business phone systems enable companies and employees on site to present themselves professionally at all times. For professionals, it enables a more professional appearance and presentation.

Accessible by Remote Workers

BTelecoms business phone system also gives remote workers access to various features of the telephone system that mobile phones and home phones do not offer.

Build Better Relationships

VoIP business telephony system has all the tools you need to build better relationships with your customers and provide a fast, reliable and professional service. VoIP service is the first choice for many start-ups because it can cost less than traditional telephone services, but answering machines are usually charged extra.

Increases Productivity

Today's on-the-go professionals need so much more than just a voice to stay productive, in touch, and accessible. A wide range of innovative features from our business phone system makes communication easier and more effective, helping you to increase productivity and improve your workflow.

Increases Collaboration

Connectivity as a means of collaboration is improved, so you can stay connected on the go and stay in the loop. Hosted in the cloud, the phone and Internet are integrated into a seamless system that adds a host of practical and business features to corporate communications.

Keep Track of Clients Needs

Easily and quickly set up an automated assistant, forward call notifications to the right people and thus keep track of customer needs. Our hosted PBX system can also save business money compared to equipment - intensive systems such as landlines.

Access Calls Anywhere

With our business phone cloud solutions, employees can access their calls anywhere with all of these features, and they can connect to any computer, tablet or mobile device. Even better, they can access a wide range of voice and video calls from any computer, tablet, or mobile device in the office.

Set Up a Business Phone System

How Much Does it Cost to Acquire and Set Up a Business Phone System?

We understand that one of the most important considerations when buying a business phone system is the cost of a line. Monthly costs can vary greatly depending on the type of telephone line chosen and the number of lines required.

If you opt for an internet-based business phone system, your business costs will include the provider’s hosting fees. Though the costs associated with the deployment of employees, resources and providers all contribute to the savings. In the case of cloud-based telephone systems, service providers usually bundle these costs.

The number of providers in your area also affects costs, and the number and quality of the services available to you and your company drives up the price significantly. Get in touch with us to request for quote.

Get in Touch

BTelecoms has been providing products and services to top businesses for ten years. With BTelecoms business telephone system you have access to a wide range of services, such as phone calls, faxes, e-mails and much more.

Now that you are well aware of the opportunities that financial companies can get from business phone system, make a sound decision and get a top-class solution that can improve your performance.

Call 02380 970979 and learn more about the best options for your business in the financial industry today.


A business telephone system is an advanced telephone network designed to improve communication between small and large organizations and everything in between.

VOIP is a communications system used to make calls over Wi-Fi or the Internet. VoIP technology is simple to incorporate and can be used in two ways.

It makes crystal-clear phone calls without slowing down the remainder of the network, which helps you to remove costly conventional phone lines and then use an existing Internet connection.

The VoIP telephone system connects your phone lines directly to the Internet and allows you to add or remove lines if needed. It can work with standard devices or buy an add-on feature that connects to your phone so you can record office calls on-the-go.

Calls made over digital business phones are cloud-based, so you can make calls without having to have a network connection to a connected device.

Btelecoms also offers a variety of other powerful features, including live video and audio streaming, as well as other solutions that work well with business phone systems. You also get unlimited voice, video, unlimited data calls and unlimited video calls.

When choosing a phone business system for your financial services business, it is important to find a service that offers all the features and tools you want in your phone system and that delivers what your clients expect.

Also consider the need for an IT department for the operation and maintenance of your in-house telephone systems and the quality of Internet connection in your location.

Compared to other PBXs, UC business telephone systems can significantly reduce prices, allowing you to shift resources to other areas of your business that need your attention, such as marketing, customer service or other business needs.