Business Telephone System for Media and Tech Industry

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A technology firm is a type of business organization focusing primarily on the production and manufacture of technology products or the provision of technology as a service.

Media refers to a variety of media technologies which reach a broad audience through mass communication. The tools by which this communication exists include a number of platforms, including television, radio, print and the Internet.

Whether you run a tech company or a media firm, to a large extent, the success of your business depends on how you hand communication in your business, whether in-house communication or with customers, suppliers and vendors.

Investing in a business telephone system is the sure way to improve your telecoms system and ensure that your business can be reached at any time.

Btelecoms UK offers a wide range of business telephone systems from established brands all over the world, any of which is guaranteed to meet your business needs.

What is a business telephone system?

A business telephone system is an advanced telephone network designed to improve communication between small and large organizations and everything in between. 

Office telephony systems have business telephones that are designed to handle everything from a call from the right person to a call back from the wrong person. 

Overall, business telephone systems are the kind of system that companies should invest in to improve communication efficiency and operation.

Here at Btelecoms, we are able to meet the needs for a business telephone system for media and technology businesses regardless of the size of your operations or number of employees.

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business telephone system

Why do you need a business phone system for your business?

For big media houses and technology companies, business phone systems not only allow you to provide your clients with a professional image, but also provide your workers all the contact resources they need to get their job done.

Take your business anywhere with you

Links to smartphone devices that allow employees to take their business lines along everywhere they go, and video conferencing systems mean that the employees can connect to everyone, no matter where they are and whether they choose to talk.

This makes the job a lot easier to do and helps improve productivity.

Get more done with a new business phone system

While some businesses want only regular calling apps such as caller ID and voicemail, some want additional features such as ring classes, automatic operators, and on-hold audio.
Are you looking specifically for a device that helps you to chat over the phone, or are you on the lookout for more of a single communication framework that incorporates features such as video conferencing and instant messaging?
Whatever your business phone needs, you will definitely find it easier to get more done with the right business telephone system, especially when it comes to keeping employees, clients and suppliers in the loop.

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What are the Key features of our Business telephone for tech/ media firms?

The Business Phone system offers a wide range of features that keep you connected with your customers, and simplify the transition process by allowing you to maintain your existing number of phones and devices when you switch to a Business Telephone Service.

Manage multiple communications

A good, basic business system allows you to plan and manage multiple functions for any event. For example, if most of your employees attend a meeting, a colleague who is still in the office can take calls from a cell phone across the office. There are independent contractors who need to be available around the clock, such as plumbers, or those who often leave their home office for sales calls.

A business phone service will keep everyone in the loop easily and effectively.

Call Forwarding

Almost everyone is familiar with the possibilities of call forwarding, but there are many new features that are very handy. For example, if one of your employees does not answer the phone, the call automatically goes straight into the voicemail instead of going to your phone.
If your office is empty, you can also forward calls directly from your business phone to your mobile phone. Transfer incoming calls from the office to a local employee and forward the call to the employee's phone when it is empty.
The more functions that help your company work more efficiently and smoothly, the better, more efficient, more reliable and more cost-effective.
Today's telephone systems have given small businesses calling capabilities that were previously only used by large organizations.
Many of these call systems offer between 20 and 50 call functions, including automated companions, missed call notifications and softphones that allow users to make and receive calls directly from their computer.

Btelecoms UK have a range of phone systems that can work for big and small businesses alike, Find out how your business can benefit from it.

What are the Benefits of our business phone system for Tech companies?

Whether you run a start-up media business or a fledging tech company, there are just so many things you can do with a business telephone system. In fact, the benefits to owning a phone system is unquantified. 

Some of the beneefits you can expert to enjoy include:

Secure communications

Employees can communicate with customers and conduct business in a secure manner, accessing information and information from their mobile phones.

Gain the competitive advantage

A PBX for your company can give your company a number of important competitive advantages. One of the advantages of using a dedicated PBX for a small business is that all employees in the office can use the same voice resources. Existing telephone systems allow workers to transfer calls from one to the other, and this ability alone can make the business run more smoothly.

Choose between regular phone number or toll-free number

You can have a unique phone number, just like a traditional telephone system, or you can handle toll-free numbers and route calls to extensions specific to your employees. This allows you to set up a virtual receptionist to take calls and forward them to employees via a mobile app.
This allows you to answer many different calls simultaneously without hosting the infrastructure on site. The data is stored on a server that is secured so that employees can log in and out of the phone without interrupting the working day.

Cost effective

If you plan to create multiple offices in your tech firm, a hosted telephone system is ideal because you will be able to connect all your locations to a central system easily and cost-effectively. This means you can seamlessly transfer calls between different locations and integrate the system into your company's business directory.

Business telephony systems are available today and offer an ever-growing range of features and benefits to businesses in the media and technology sector. They offer a number of great features and provides a business route for true unified communication.

What business phone systems are available for Tech companies?

VOIP for Media and Tech Firms

The simplicity and low cost of VoIP have led to the rapid adoption of VoIP by both consumers and businesses. The phone offers a complete and consistent communication package for your business and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The solution enables voice and data services to operate over a single network connection and a single device. Advanced voice and data technology offers the ability to manage voice, data and video calls, as well as a variety of other services and applications.

Users can also connect the software to devices that are not built for voice calls in office environments. The solution also offers Unified IP Telephony, a cloud-based IP telephony solution that provides voice, data, video and video calls as well as a variety of other services.

The VOIP system does not require infrastructure such as fixed telephone systems, including installed or running lines on masts or underground. The VOIP software does not rely on a network connection such as telephone or cable connection, but works with a LAN connection.

In addition, this solution can also use its telephone system in conjunction with other networked devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Btelecoms also have a range of VOIP options for media and technology firms. Taking away the need for messy cables and switchboards, this solution is ideal for businesses that want to keep up with the times.

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Cloud based PBX

Telephony has changed since the introduction of telephone exchanges, and today's digital world can make it difficult for the system to adapt. Today's private network telephone systems (so-called telephone exchanges) meet many communication needs, but the technology is reserved for companies that have the resources to invest in an expensive proprietary telephone system.

Technological advances have pushed PBX solutions into the cloud, making them more accessible to companies with limited resources.

With the development of cloud server technology into the standard in today's computer world, the concept of cloud services for business telephones has also become established.

Today, the cloud provides small businesses with enterprise-level telephony services at affordable prices.

For businesses that care about efficiency, Cloud-based phone system is a service that prides itself on features that make efficiency easier and make it easy for companies to improve their telephony without slowing down their business in other areas. It offers many features and functions that can increase efficiency or simplify tasks and even improve the end result.

PABX for Media/ Tech Firms

A small business is a growing business, so you need a telephone network that will help you accomplish your goals so expand with you. The solution is a feature-rich, budget-friendly, PBX virtual phone system.

A Small Business PBX programme has the features you need to handle your calls and resources. By developing numerous extensions and divisions you can make your company look bigger and help callers get the help they need. You can also ensure that callers can always reach you, even when the phone rings off the hook and your employees are travelling.

Whether you are an offline or online company, your media/ tech business will benefit from the right business mobile solution. At an affordable price, these mobile phone solutions are able to support large operations.

How much does a business telephone system cost?

The costs of a business telephone system include, for example, the costs of telephone lines, equipment, installation, maintenance, repair and maintenance, as well as the operating costs of the system.

In order to present things in an easy-to-understand perspective, the cost of a business telephone system is shown as the total cost per user or employee. The total cost depends on the number of employees you have and will have in the near future. Businesses have many different types of PBX and total costs vary considerably.

The total costs also vary depending on the number of customers the telephone system must 

That said, here at Btelecoms, we understand that communication is critical for business success. This is why we aim to offer some of the most competitive business telephone systems and solutions in the market.

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How do you choose a phone system for your tech/ media business?

Because every company is special, it is impossible to claim that one business telephone network will meet the needs of everyone. That’s why our suggestions for the right business phone systems are focused on multiple usage cases, such as best for small companies, best for remote workers and best for call centres.

If you are not sure what business phone system to deploy in your business, you are on the right page.

Here at Btelecoms, we have a wide range of solutions that can work for all industries regardless of size. However, we also have inhouse experts that can walk you through the available options and help you make an informed decision.

For easy and affordable access to effective business telephone systems, get in touch with your preferred business telephone partner – Btelecoms. 

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A business telecommunications network differs from the deployment of multiple telephones with multiple central office lines in that the lines used are directly controllable from multiple telephone stations on main telephone networks, and that such a system also provides additional call handling functions.

VoIP can serve as a unifying platform for such applications as it supports a wide range of business applications such as video, audio and video conferencing. This can and will replace the rigid packaged telephone service that most companies still use.

As innovative companies have already shown, this flexibility will affect how companies can use their voice to compete by enabling them to set up and conduct business in a way that was simply not possible before, be it in the form of a phone call to a customer that no one would disturb or making it easier for small businesses with only a handful of employees.

Finding the right company for business telephony systems largely depends on the size of your budget and the needs of your business. Make sure you have all the functionality your business needs to succeed, whether in the office, at home or on the road. Don’t be impressed by additional features that are useless for some companies.

Ultimately, it is up to you to choose which system you use and which you know is best for you, your customers and your business. A good business telephony system with the right functions for your company saves you and the company a lot of money and lowers your costs.

If you need our help to choose, please get in touch with our expert team.