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Btelecoms UK provides modern, business telephone systems for today’s smart, mobile, and always-available businesses and startups. View our full range of services and find the best framework for your company.

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Btelecoms UK specialises in the procurement and deployment of a wide range of telecommunications devices, from Avaya, Alcatel, Norstar, Meridian, Samsung, Panasonic and Ericsson.

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Our business phone systems can not only streamline the company’s day-to-day activities, they can also lower your overheads and help you adapt to any market shifts quickly.

It is easier to control business expenses using a corporate telephone network and ease business activities.

Each business communications system you find will have several features. Ours does also. The experience we provide at Btelecoms UK is unmatched. This is because we’ve spent a lot of time learning what customers want from a business phone systems provider.

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Your trusted business telecoms partner

With more than 10 years of supporting industry experience, you can count on us to offer a smooth operation and better value for money.

For more information about our company phone lines or some of our other products, please feel free to contact our customer support team based in the UK.

What can your business do with a telephone system?

Btelecoms UK provide business phone systems that offer companies a wide range of useful tools and features.

These tools and features not only make it easy for your business to keep in touch with clients, workers, and suppliers, it also helps you stay far ahead of the competition.

Some of our features include:


VOIP Phone

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) make perfect sense for small businesses. Indeed, recent research has found that more than one-third of all companies already use a VoIP telephone network, with the vast majority of businesses having less than 50 employees.


Call recording

The recording of calls and voices will serve as a verbal contract for businesses. This means that documented calls will lend a helping hand to settle customer disputes. Voice recordings can also help save both money and legal headaches and thereby safeguard your company's reputation.

Video conferencing

Creating and maintaining quality relationships with partners, vendors, internal staff, investors and consumers is important for modern and creative businesses to expand and globalise. Video conferencing increases efficiency, saves time, reduces travel costs and encourages teamwork overall.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding is a feature of the telephone system that operates by redirecting every incoming call to another phone number or service. For example, you can use call forwarding to directly send a call to voicemail, to your home phone, or to a smartphone from a colleague. This service is also referred to as "call transfer."

Video calling

If your company has team members spread around various locations to support customers in different regions or simply operate remotely in a flexible work setting. Such remote members of the team will also need communicate with the in-house employees, regardless of their job responsibilities.


Unified communications

Unified Communications (UC) refers to a telephone system that incorporates (or "unifies") multiple methods of communication within a business.
Perhaps your company interacts in a variety of ways: phone calls, video calls, conferencing, IMs, email, SMS, fax – the list continues and continues.


Call recording & reporting

Call recording & Call monitoring tools are useful telephone system features that allow you to monitor both inbound and outbound calls going through your company and can provide you with accurate information on historical call details that can prove invaluable for enforcement, customer service or audit purposes.

On hold music & marketing

On-hold music and on-hold message ads are highly successful in enhancing customer service and reducing hang-ups for callers. Highly cost-effective, on-hold marketing is a perfect resource for business with a good return on investment.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration, also known as CTI, is any technology that lets computers communicate with telephone systems. This enables users to perform all call-related functions, directly from their desktop, which are normally performed via a PBX or key device telephone.

Where can Btelecoms business telephone systems be used?

A business telephone system is a vital tool that can serve in organisations in a wide range of industries. It doesn’t matter the size of your business or its niche, our business phone systems will do a lot of good for your operations.

Financial Services

You need to function optimally as a Finance company. You also need to adhere to strict regulations and manage ever more mobile workers, all while meeting the high standards of customers.


Having a telephone network for a legal office involves two essential attributes: · Making sure clients can reach lawyers easily · Providing reliable communication between departments, firms, and lawyers.

Technology, Media

Everything about a tech company is geared towards providing a better customer experience, but relying on different PBX hardware systems with regular breakdowns and on constant maintenance costs can make this difficult.

Government, Public Sector and Education

A strong business phone network at government agencies is essential to day-to-day operations. The best system simplifies activities, offers advanced functionality, unifies communications, and complies with all local, state, and federal regulations. The best approach would also save money as it is less costly than a conventional telephone network.


Healthcare professionals need to be able to deliver service that incorporates digital and physical experiences to meet constantly changing standards, while maintaining sensitive experiences and data secure.

Contact Centre Services

Contact centre technology today needs to keep up with impatient customers who expect support reps to understand exactly what they're asking for and how to fix the issue. A smooth customer experience starts with efficient processes where calls go to the right people who are equipped with the communication tools to get fast answers.

What are the phone system brands we carry?

There are plenty of solutions on the market for business phone systems and different brands that can do just about everything you need and the brand you choose is just as important as the company that deploys it for you.

At Btelecoms UK, we work with some of the world’s biggest communications firms and are able to select from multiple networks, applications and endpoints.



Ericsson LG is a pioneer in the Small, Medium and Business sectors and offers integrated, cost-effective on-site phone systems to help businesses connect and collaborate more efficiently and dynamically. The company is a leading supplier of cutting-edge business communications solutions and has a good reputation for excellence in manufacturing and technology advancements.



Avaya is an American international telecommunications company with offices in Santa Clara, California, which specialises in corporate communications, mainly centralised communications (UC), contact centres (CC), and services. Serving businesses more than 220,000 client sites around the world, Avaya is one of the top players in the Business Telephone industry and a great brand to go for.



Alcatel-Lucent is a multinational supplier of communications products, and more than 10 million people worldwide use their workplace communications products. You can use the Alcatel-Lucent telephone system to help transform your company by transforming first contact into repeat business. Telephony solutions from Alcatel-Lucent Office offer you comprehensive business communications capabilities integrating both hardware and applications.



Samsung is a global electronics corporation with a large presence in many fields of both consumer and business manufacturing. Their Telecommunications operation is one of the group's five core business units as a whole and covers a wide variety of products and services.



NEC Phones is a leader in high quality business telephone systems, with a deep dedication to developing and providing excellent solutions and services. You can enjoy reliable, safe and versatile NEC office telecommunications systems with BTelecoms as your partner of choice.



Panasonic telephone systems pioneer the telephony market. Their new telecommunications system line-up offers high-level connectivity, whether small simple analogue line systems or larger digital networks suitable for small companies or start-ups.

What makes Btelecoms UK special?

Btelecoms UK gives you what you need for an effective business phone system and takes away what you do not need. This may be what your business needs to be leaner, smarter and more effective. Still wondering why lots of businesses choose Btelecoms UK.

Here are a few reasons why.

Industry Experience

When it comes to business communications systems you have a lot of options. Btelecoms UK is something else. Btelecoms UK has been around since XXX, a trusted group and industry leader. Our most proud achievement is the large number of long term clients who put their trust in us year after year. You too can join our list of satisfied businesses that have streamlined and improve their communications with our business phone system.

Customer Service

Some companies think they should wait a few days to call you back if your problem doesn't seem so bad .... Here at Btelecoms, we get back to you quickly and get your problem solved as fast as possible. Whether the situation is dire or not, you can count on our speedy response.

Dedicated Account Manager

We strive to provide your company with superior technology and will provide the best technical talent to handle the technology and meet your standards for service. To this end, each customer has a dedicated account manager, whose role is to ensure that the company is having a smooth experience.

Best Calling Experience

A good call is when there is clear communication on both sides. The customer can clearly voice his or her concerns and whoever is at the other end can handle it in such a way that the individual thinks the organisation is concerned about their problem. Yet this can't be done with inadequate telephone service. Btelecoms telephone systems offers one of the industry's best calling experiences.

Try us to find out today.

Business Cloud

Manage every facet of your business phone system from the cloud. Attach new phones to desk in seconds. Do all of this from your current internet connection. Move your existing PBX system to the cloud of get a bespoke VoIP system, tailor-made for your business. Whatever you want, flexible cloud applications for VoIP begin here. Get more out of your business phone service

Try Btelecoms Business Cloud System.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a service that allows workers and business owners to operate remotely by offering a web-accessible set of business functions. ... A virtual office allows businesses to enjoy many of a physical office's benefits but without any actual space or desks. Our virtual phone system is planned for small businesses and companies and may be what you need to give your business that much needed flexibility.

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Business phone systems are full-service total communications platforms for small businesses. Business telephone networks are explicitly designed to meet the diverse needs of growing companies. They allow teams and employees to interact seamlessly using a great number of powerful tools.

Yes, you can.

Cloud-based virtual phone systems allow you to use our Softphone Communicator application to make and receive audio, video, and conference calls right from your computer. Which makes your communication easier than ever before and more secure.

Yes, you can.

The best options for a virtual phone system allow you to access your account at any time from virtually any smartphone. User-friendly mobile apps give smartphones, laptops, notebooks and desktop PCs quick access to your virtual business phone.

Yes, you can.

Choosing a phone number which is easy to remember will go a long way towards increasing your brand awareness. Most of the best virtual phone services will even allow you to choose vanity phone numbers. Custom phone numbers, or vanity, allow potential customers to know what you’re doing, even before they call. They are also more retainable and more likely to increase interaction.

Employees can use their phones for work-related correspondence in line with a BYOD policy, and have the versatility they need. Unfortunately, there is no way for workers to protect their privacy or monitor access to the employee when they send out personal phone numbers.

A good modern approach for business phones and BYOD policy can solve these problems.

If you need to pass calls from one person to another, or have to manage more than one outside line, then you need to have a phone network. A regular telephone line does not provide you with the facility to switch calls, or even placing them on hold.
For any entrepreneur and startup company a business phone number is a must-have. Business phone numbers are not only necessary for separating your personal and professional correspondence, they are a great way to project the image of a larger, professional organization.