Business Phone Brands Guide

Whether you are a small or large business that needs a business phone system, BTelecoms has options available. Business telephony systems from different brands offer a ridiculously robust set of features to choose from, so you can put together a business telephony package that’s perfect for you!

This means that if your company needs an office phone system that works with your existing mobile phone, our company can offer it to you. For example, if your team takes calls in the office, you can add a management team on your phone, even if you work remotely.

 Here is a list of some of the best business phone brands offered by BTelecoms UK. 

Panasonic Phone Brands

For about three decades, the Panasonic telephone system has been a pioneer in the telephone market. The new range of telecommunications systems offers a wide range of functions such as high-speed telephony, Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice over Internet (VOIP).

Panasonic Business Contact System has the simplicity that businesses need today, and it is easy to install and integrate with state-of-the-art soft switching.

Ultimately scalable and robust, you can tailor it to the needs of everyone in your business, including businesses that want to expand and need a versatile network that meets all your needs, or multi-site businesses that need secure connectivity across locations and time zones.

If you need to be reachable from anywhere, from home or from the home office, you need mobile phones and mobile integration. Panasonic offers a variety of telephone systems, including easy-to-install analog systems that offer simplicity and ease of use, making them the perfect phone system solution for your business. 

With an industry-leading blend of rugged PBXs combined with IP connectivity, we offer a wide range of powerful and cost-effective solutions for business and residential customers. BTelecommunications, which offers the world’s largest and most advanced mobile phone solutions, is bursting with innovative applications and features and offers more than 1,000 applications for mobile phones and tablets.

At Panasonic, we are a popular brand specializing in providing great digital telephony systems to business and residential customers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific.                                  

For almost 30 years, Panasonic phone systems have been the pioneers in the telephony market. Their new line-up of telecommunications systems provides connectivity of the highest level for big and small companies – whether small basic analogue line systems or bigger digital networks that are ideal for small enterprises or start-ups. 

Many fixed Panasonic phones have features that function well with mobile phones, including Bluetooth interface and message transmission such as G7875S, KX-TGE433B, KX-TG585SK, AT&T EL52113, KX-TG7875S, and VTech CS6719.

NEC Telephone Brands

BTelecoms UK has a range of NEC technologies at your disposal to help keep your team and customers connected. NEC Phones is a high-quality product characterised by high performance, high reliability and high-quality customer service. The company has a long history of developing NEC telecommunications systems specifically for growth-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises.

Hyper-compatible, these systems integrate digital and IP networks to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to think ahead. Businesses wishing to expand must have access to the latest and best mobile systems.

These streamlined devices are simple and powerful at the same time, providing access to a wide range of applications such as email, social media, web browsing and other applications.

NEC’s business telephony systems cover a wide range of business, government and commercial customers in the US, Europe and Asia. NEC’s telephone systems and platforms are reliable, scalable, adaptable and easy to manage.                                  

BTelecoms UK stocks some of NEC’s best phone handsets currently on the market. They are SV8100, UT880, Sv9500, SV9100. Contact us today to learn more about NEC’s wide range of business phone brands.

Alcatel Telephone Brands

Alcatel is one of the world’s leading network companies and its technology has proven itself in the global telecommunications industry. Its current portfolio of telecommunications systems is rich in functionality, cost-effective and easy to use, with a wide range of applications in a variety of industries.

It’s a pretty smart mix, and Alcatel has a long history of successful partnerships with a number of telecommunications companies, including AT & T.

Fast – loading, high – speed, low – cost, and available in a variety of colors, sizes, colors and colors, the Alcatel 8008 series is supported by the world’s largest network of high-speed Wi-Fi networks. This model can meet the needs of any budget, so that members of your organization can always work together and stay connected.

Alcatel Phone Systems

Alcatel’s premium desk phones like 8028, 8038 and 8068 provide a rich IP networking experience with a simple user interface, excellent wideband audio quality and fast ethernet network ports. Alcatel 8008 series supports and uses the rich telephony capabilities of all Alcatel business platforms. 

Alcatel business phone series comprises cordless analog and VoIP (SIP) telephones, as well as audio conferencing systems designed to meet client and SME needs. With innovative business-grade architecture, Alcatel’s range of desk phones offers high-quality telephony with simple and seamless connections. 

Models designed to match your needs and budgets, so your company can always collaborate and stay connected. You can choose from a number of Alcatel 9-series wireless handsets, Alcatel8-series IP line and DECT handsets to support any Alcatel network approach. 

At BTelecoms UK, our list of popular Alcatel phone system handsets includes Alcatel Omni PCX, VoIP, Alcatel 4029, Alcatel 4019, 4039, and 4008. Thanks to Alcatel’s scalable models, reliability, user-friendly features, and cost-effective design options, our customers communicate clearly worldwide.

Avaya Business Telephone Brands

Avaya is the world’s largest provider of telecommunications services to the UK and the United States.

Avaya’s VoIP services benefit from reduced on-site equipment, increased performance, versatility and mobility, and greater flexibility. The service aims to create truly scalable solutions using cloud solutions, and whether it is a private or a public cloud, you will feel most comfortable. Avaya OneCloud, for example, is the latest unified communications offering that replaces a previously successful IP office platform and builds on the success of our previous cloud services, such as our cloud-to-cloud solution. 

If your business already has a private or hybrid cloud service, the standards can be easily embedded into your PBX as part of the cloud platform.

Range of Avaya Business Phone Products

Avaya Office digital phone has all the business communication features you expect from a high-quality business phone, giving you full control over your telecommunications environment. With the Avaya telephone system, you can set up, forward and access the meeting room by dialing an internal number or assigning an external phone number to make long-distance calls. Avray IP office conferences have PIN access control and arrival notifications, as well as access to cloud and cloud-to-cloud services.                                  

Digital telephones from Avaya Office are fitted with all the business communication features you expect from a high-quality business phone, giving you full control over your telecommunications climate.

Get in touch with BTelecoms UK to get an efficient and effective PBX for your business. American international telecommunications group based in Santa Clara, California, specializing mainly in centralized communications. 

Ericsson-LG Telephone Brands

Ericsson-LG is a joint venture company owned by Ericsson Group of Sweden and LG Electronics Group of South Korea. It was founded in November 2005 and builds telecommunications equipment, with LG providing marketing and distribution. Users can utilize text, visual voicemail, conference calls, instant messaging, conference calls, and visual voicemail on one simple-to-use device. The phone systems are designed to be intuitive and provide easy-to-use tools and features that can streamline, quickly and flexibly communicate with your business. Ericsson LG is a leader in the Micro, Medium and large Business sectors and provides optimized, cost-effective on-premise phone systems to help companies communicate more effectively and more dynamically.

LG-Ericsson Business Telephone Systems

Ericsson LG also provides reliable, robust, and highly integrated communications networks with core brand research and development. The iPECS series, for example, can be customized to your market sector and organization, helping you meet the needs of each part of your business. VOiP technology, for example, is used in EMG80 iPECS as an integrated system for IP / TDM switches. It enables smooth communication via IP network channels, offering advantages over current hybrid technologies by delivering efficient, cost-effective applications to SMEs that utilize iPECS eMG80. UCP is another Ericsson-LG Unified Communications Platform for SMEs and Business Communications. LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System manages large-scale calls from simple direct call routing to sophisticated ID-based caller routing quickly and efficiently. Looking for a conventional PBX telephone system, up-to-date converged VOIP systems or perhaps other connectivity solutions?   

BTelecoms provides its new and existing customers with Ericsson-LG’s award-winning iPECS Unified Communications software line and other stellar communication devices. Whether you need an Ericsson-LG analogue telephone system for a small business or large wireless, VoIP or IP telephone system, we can provide and configure a wide range of on-site telephone solutions for your business. Call Us Today for enquiries.


Remote Flexibility

Business telephone systems and brands provide the kind of versatility small businesses consider most important. Digital PBXs allow employees to work remotely when connecting to the same office telephone systems.

Call Holding

Just like a Fortune 500 telephone system, you can keep callers, forward them, and have them answered by an automated operator who can send them to another branch.

High-Level Customisation

Many types of telephony systems have features that only large firms can afford. Yet VoIP services offer a high degree of flexibility so you can bring together exactly the features you need to satisfy your specific needs without charging for bundled apps you won’t be using.

Cost-effective and Scalable

VoIP services allow you to make calls to your staff, even if they are free long-distance calls, and by having an easily accessible and flexible telephone system, you can minimize travel and training costs for your company. Not only does VoIP save time, it also provides access to advanced telephone services by integrating telephone and internet networks into one network.

A Plethora of Languages

Unified, state-of – the-art business telephony systems make it much easier for you to handle the company’s communications and customer base and sell in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Hindi and more.

Third-Party Integrations

With the introduction of automated services that can be distributed across a wide range of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, the business phone system has evolved. Companies can now have a range of marketing and business communications telephone systems.

Programmed Voice

This advance utilizes a coded voice as an operator, rather than hiring a real person to perform the role.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail will send a voice message directly to a phone’s voicemail. This provides a non-intrusive transmission of important messages.

BTelecoms UK: Provider of a Wide Range of Business Phone Brands

Do you need a business phone brand with optimal performance to drive your small or large business? At BTelecoms, we simply offer the best business phone brands  for optimal business communication as an option for your business telephone system or even as a standalone app on a mobile device. Contact us today to know more about the best business phone brands for you.


Because every organization is unique, one business telephone network can not be said to meet everyone’s needs. That’s why our ideas for the right business phone systems concentrate on various use cases like best for telesales, best for remote workers, best for call centers, best for financial services, etc.

NEC Phones have a long history of delivering and manufacturing outstanding products and services. With its ICT-enabled solutions for industry, consumer and industrial applications, NEC’s technology expertise creates a smarter future.

If you are installing or updating your small business telephone system, you may wonder how the Voice to Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help your company and why more and more businesses are moving to Internet telephony.
VoIP has many benefits, such as price, portability and additional features, over traditional phone service. With unlimited calls most VoIP services demand a low monthly charge. Also, you can choose any phone number instead of being locked into those area codes and prefixes.
A VoIP telephony approach blends the efficiency and flexibility of conventional telecommunications with the advantages.

The Avaya IP telephone system doesn’t mean you need an IP telephone to use it, it’s a real hybrid system that allows you to combine any form of telephone with analog rates. It allows the business to take advantage of both sizes ‘ powerful features, and allows for greater flexibility in terms of the number of options available.