NEC Telephone Systems

We have a variety of NEC telecommunications systems expressly tailored for growth-oriented small to medium-sized organisations. Our suite of NEC technologies help secure audio, video, communication and out-of-the-box mobile apps to keep the team and customers connected. 

NEC Phones is a leader in high-quality products characterised by a strong commitment to producing and delivering excellent solutions and services. With BTelecomunication as your partner of choice, you enjoy efficient, secure, and flexible NEC office telecommunications systems.

NEC Telephone Systems Mobility Applications

Currently, there are over 50 million cloud-based business applications and employees do cloud research more often, use mobile business apps to create spreadsheets, reports, and documents. So mobile devices are no longer only for making calls, texting and surfing the internet; they are used for functionalities that include healthcare, education, businesses, and government.

The use of tablets and smartphones in the office makes companies more technologically smart and efficient. Mobile devices allow companies to tap into new levels of efficiency, and these devices quickly become part of workers’ daily lives. Here are some of the best examples of how mobile devices impact the business world.

Range of NEC Business Telephone Handsets (April 2020 Guide)

NEC’s business telephony systems cover a wide range of business sizes and industry suites, from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations. Some of BTelecommunicatins stock some of the best NEC business telephone handsets currently in the market.

Range of NEC Business Telephone Handsets (April 2020 Guide)

SV8100 - customised programming and functionality

The NEC SV8100 telephone system is a robust, feature-rich and scalable platform that can be tailored to the needs of companies now and in the future. Developed in collaboration with the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer Samsung Electronics, the DT800 series desktop phone enables increased productivity in the workplace through customised programming and functionality.

UT880 - seamless fusion between tradition and modernity

The UT880 combines a traditional desktop phone and an Android tablet in a device designed for unified messaging. When you make a call or make a phone call, the phone automatically connects to the tablet when the call ends.

Sv9500 - improved handset functionality

The sv9500 telephone system from NECs X-ray applications also connect mobile workers to their smartphones and offer improved handset functionality. XML phone application also connects the mobile worker to other mobile devices such as tablets.

The NEC SV9500 communication platform has a wide range of functions such as voice and text messages, e-mail and web browsing, as well as the ability to manage infrastructure. Part of the added value comes in the form of compliance with green standards, for example reducing the need for air conditioning through the use of solar panels and other renewable energy sources.

SV9100 - high performance, low-cost

The SV9100 telephone system is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that supports the use of mobile phones, tablets and tablets as well as tablets and smartphones to unify messages in real-time with a single user interface. The combination of high-performance and low-cost technologies helps solve today’s communication challenges and grow the growing business.

The built-in video camera enables two-way video conferencing, allowing a virtual receptionist to welcome visitors to a remote location, for example. NEC and its partners are actively developing applications that run on the phone, including converged messaging, NEC’s biometric facial recognition solution for security purposes and the identification of preferred guests in retail and hospitality. 

In network mode, it provides a unified user experience and real-time communication between mobile phones, tablets and tablets.

NEC Telephone Systems Call Recording

NEC’s award-winning telephone system, the NEC Telephone System Call Record, offers high-quality and cost-effective call recording solutions for mobile phones and tablets.

This is a professional entry-level wireless headset designed for use with NEC desktop telephones. The speed dial can be up to 32 digits long with 0-9 digits and includes the ability to host a range of other devices and related peripherals, including microphone, speaker system, a microphone jack and other peripherals.

If your desk phone rings a few times, it can be relayed to your phone by ringing. Press the soft button “Add” and a second call will be connected, or if it rings again, the first call will be repeated.

It is designed to provide a full suite of office telephony and can be handled in a variety of ways, from one-on-one and group calls to group meetings. InMail provides a mailbox that monitors messages and notifications that you can send with the option to add audio attachments. A service for all corporate communications and one of the most popular email services in the industry.

You can send your recordings by e-mail to your colleagues or save them for quick reference at a later date. You can choose from several recorded personal greetings to indicate your availability at certain times of the day.

NEC Telephone Systems Call Recording

NEC Telephone Systems Instant Messaging

This gives companies productivity – and improves the tools the workforce needs to effectively manage communication and information. It enables employees to reach and receive messages in real-time, without having to send or receive them by email, SMS or other forms of electronic communication.

Cloud telephony enables teams to work more effectively from anywhere, with or without an Internet connection. Unified Communications (UC), sometimes also known as Unified Networking (UN) or Unified Communication Services (UNCS) or UC Enterprise Agent, offers clients uniform communication options by combining the functions of the NEC Mobile Phone System and NEC Cloud Telephony. 

The UC Enterprise Agent is the first and only unified communications capability available to customers using the new NEC mobile phone system and cloud.

Businesses of all sizes and industries benefit from improved broadband speeds and cloud applications, as well as the availability of the UC Enterprise Agent and the new NEC Mobile Phone System.

With the advent of communication technology on the market, customers expect to be able to reach out to someone in the industry to get instant answers and information without having to leave a message. VoIP capabilities make unified communications accessible to small businesses and can be used for business communications such as e-mails, phone calls, text messages and instant messaging. This change to the telephone system enables faster, more reliable and more efficient communication between small and large companies.

In order to support the maintenance of large numbers of workers and high productivity levels in their respective industries, companies today need workers who are available at an on-demand location. This system will equip teams with the tools they need to communicate in the workplace.

Conveniently, users do not need to connect to a single mobile operator or service to get all of the above functionality on their mobile devices. PBX systems, including unified messaging, which can be used on many mobile devices and offer flexibility and customisation options. 

Other Advanced Features

Companies often forget how to help their end-users and customers with the most important aspects of their business, such as customer service, billing, customer service and compliance.

Unified Communications (UC) is an all-encompassing term for a telephone system that performs more than just voice calls. It offers the ability to click on a dial, communicate via SMS or SMS, chat with your team, make video calls, manage your calendar and much more all in one app. You can manage calendars, contact customers and call and chat with videos – all via an app.

The Desktop Web Client enables employees to do more in less time by providing real-time access to the most important information about their customers. It provides real-time statistics that enable you to improve customer service, as well as access information on customer satisfaction, customer performance and other key metrics.

With advanced call recording devices, small sections of a call can be coloured encrypted, named, stored and saved, allowing you to retrieve important information faster and when needed. This expandability means you can work in real-time on the phone, in the office or at home without the need for a dedicated call recorder. Calls can also be recorded, archived and archived, enabling you to resolve disputes and access information about your customers “communications with a single click of the button.

NEC Telephone Systems Customer Experience

Office phone system supports a wide range of phones and supports built-in convergence capabilities for a variety of business applications. IP telephone systems optimize the information exchange system to create a simple and effective communication experience. 

The NEC Telephone Systems Customer Experience (IP Office) solution has been specifically designed to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with a solution that meets the requirements for business efficiency and customer service for small and medium-sized enterprises.

NEC Telephone Systems Customer Experience

Combined with the company’s advanced telephony solutions, such as the IP Phone System, IP Office covers basic telephony needs and leverages robust, unified applications to deliver intelligent communications to users and customers.

The Desktop Digital Phones Terminal offers features and benefits that capture the essence of form and function and enable companies to communicate seamlessly with their customers. NEC’s innovative desktop phone design is designed to offer maximum operational flexibility, with modularity allowing multiple combinations to meet niche business and personalization needs. With a finely tuned approach to streamlining operations, customer projects can go live in less than 24 hours.

With its ICT-enabled solutions, NEC’s technology expertise creates a smarter future for businesses, authorities and consumers.

When it comes to a business telephone system, NEC is an industry leader that deserves to be considered. NEC PBX systems, regardless of the size of your business, offer automated operators who, when properly designed, can save time, improve customer service and reduce costs. If this technology is designed and implemented correctly, you can not only save time and money but also improve customer service.

Because today’s corporate culture requires you to be connected around the clock, your PBX can be designed, installed, maintained and built with custom solutions and unified messaging so that your business can stay online 24 hours a day. We not only offer state-of-the-art technology but also pride ourselves on fast and reliable service. NEC’s Star2Star systems specialise in fast, cost-effective and reliable customer service for business telephony systems, as well as a wide range of other services.

With an extensive on-site inventory of parts and equipment, our experienced technicians are also able to relocate your existing telephone system. Here on the quality telephone, we offer a wide range of services, from installation and maintenance to customer service and installation of new systems.

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NEC Phones are a high-quality product based on a long history of manufacturing and producing excellent solutions and services. NEC’s technology expertise creates a smarter future with its ICT-enabled solutions for business, consumer and industrial applications.

The softphone application allows employees to exchange real-time information from anywhere and allows real interaction regardless of distance.

The application includes a simple web interface to manage the use of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and tablets in the workplace, as well as improved collaboration between mobile workers.

You have probably not activated any sort of Quality-Of-Service on your network. A bit of reprogramming will ensure that the highest priority is given to RTP (real-time packets), so audio or video that can not wait won’t wait!

We guarantee a substantial reduction of the annual servicing to the NEC telephone system. Depending on what maintenance you need from a repair contract, we’re talking hundreds or thousands of pounds or less.

We’d do our best to help you see why using NEC IPS is best for your business needs. But if you’re sold on anything else, we can help you with an upgrade or simply provide you expert guidance on your next choice of system.