Panasonic Phone Systems

Since almost 30 years, Panasonic phone systems have been the pioneers in the telephony market. Their new line-up of telecommunications systems provides connectivity of the highest level for big and small companies – whether small basic analogue line systems or bigger digital networks that are ideal for small enterprises or start-ups. 

Panasonic phone systems are very simple to install, versatile and integrate state-of-the-art soft switching.

PBX Phone Systems

Panasonic has such a wide variety of contact and PBX phone solutions for various enterprise and workplace applications that the needs change regularly – from basic analogue networks to sophisticated network networking platforms based on IP capable of managing multiple sites, both locally and internationally.

BTelecommunications UK: A Wide Variety of Business Communication Systems

Panasonic business contact systems have the simplicity that every company requires today. Ultimately scalable and robust, they can be tailored to satisfy the needs of anyone or business, including enterprises that want to expand and need a versatile network to accommodate that demand or multi-site businesses that require secure connectivity solutions across locations and/or time zones.

Our portfolio of telecommunications systems at BTelecommunications UK includes a wide variety of office communication devices, ranging from basic wireless networks with conventional desk-based handsets to sophisticated IP-based network connectivity solutions for large multi-location organisations.

Wired And Wireless Communications Systems

The Panasonic Phone Systems integrated software solutions we deliver at BTelecommunications are filled with innovative applications and functionality. They provide an industry-leading blend of robust PBX technologies combined with IP connectivity, offering an efficient and scalable range of wired and wireless communication platforms.

Telephone System Range

Panasonic provides a variety of telephone systems that includes easy-to-install IP phone systems, digital phone systems and analogue systems, providing simplicity and manageability to make them the perfect telephone system solution for your company.

It offers a cost-efficient messaging solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. For example, the NS700 is a fantastic corporate internet networking device with up to 250 users at a single location.

User Friendly

If you need to be reachable from anywhere in your home, home or office, you need a mobile phone with mobile integration. One of the popular brands specialising in providing great digital telephony systems is Panasonic. 

The best Panasonic cordless phones offer great features that you would certainly love. If you want great features and mobile integration possibilities, then you should look at the range of Panasonic digital phones and products from BTelecommunications UK.

Many fixed phones, including some of the products we tested at BTelecommunications, have features that work well with mobile phones, including Bluetooth interface and message forwarding. Panasonic digital phones also have an answering machine and a number of other useful functions such as voice and text messages.

Landline Telephones

We can help you choose the right landline phone for your household with our comprehensive guide to the best home phone options available today.

Landline telephones can make calls with never-ending interruptions, even if you are faced with noise or other environmental disruptions. Due to the lack of battery life and high-end equipment, it is not necessary to use a cordless landline for long periods of time.

The Panasonic Premium Design landline phone has all the features you need for your next home phone, making it the best choice when it comes to a cordless landline phone with a high-end design and a wide range of functions. For an easy-to-use and great all-rounder, the phone’s features such as talking caller ID, answering machine and voice-over IP come complete.

This model covers all your more basic requirements and has a convenient mode that prevents unwanted interference. The Panasonic Premium Design landline telephone with voice recognition is packed with functions such as answering machine, voiceover IP and voice and video recording.

You will find all superb varieties of Panasonic Landline Phones here at BTelecommunications UK.

Range of Panasonic Business Telephone Handsets (April 2020 Guide)

Many fixed phones, including some of the products we tested, have features that work well with mobile phones, including Bluetooth interface and message forwarding.

G7875S - Mobile phone integrations plus other customisable settings

The G7875S has a lot of customisable features and settings, including mobile phone integration and call blocking. This is a great feature if you don’t want to have a smartphone with you at home.

Among the many things you will love about this phone is that it can actually handle up to six mobile phones on the same line. Finally, you need to know that the phone has an answering machine with its own buttons and dials and is also compatible with a variety of different mobile phone models.

The built-in answering machine and the ability to talk to the caller ID can also be extremely useful, especially in emergencies. The phone has a digital answering machine system and a loudspeaker telephone, which is standard on all phones we tested. It also has an easy-to-use dialer and a call-back button on the right side of the phone.

KX-TGE433B - great battery life, great camera, great design

Another Panasonic beauty, the KX-TGE433B creates a good balance between a portable phone and a mobile phone – like a device.

If you’re think of a good mobile phone and an excellent digital phone for home use, then the Panasonic KX – TGE433B strikes the perfect balance.

Although it’s not as fancy as some of the other products we’ve tested, the sleek feature set allows you to set it up and start making calls without any hassle. The most outstanding features of the Panasonic KX – TGE433B are its great battery life, great camera and great design.

The cordless telephone system includes an answering machine for up to three mobile phones, which can be expanded to a total of six. Each handset has a button with the same colour scheme as the rest of the handset, followed by a power button, a volume button and a home button. All buttons are even backlit to allow easy choice, and they are all available in a variety of colours.

There is also a range of cordless phones, so you’re sure to find the right phone to keep you connected. Choose between models with soft-touch buttons or choose from a variety of other colours, from black and white to red and blue.

The Jog Dial Control offers an easy-to-use dial-up interface as well as a number of other features such as voice control, voice recognition and voice-over-video.

Combine this with Jog Dial Control and a number of other features such as voice control, voice recognition and voice-over-video. Whispers offers an easy-to-use dial interface with a wide range of voice controls and the ability to combine them all.

If your old home phone breaks down and you need a new one, this is a worthwhile decision to consider. All these features make it a great choice for those starting a business today, or even for a small business in the future.

This ENERGY STAR certified cordless phone features a low power mode that reduces radio frequency and energy consumption when the handset is located near the base station.

KX-TG585SK - A PBX with an impressive mobile phone integration

Equipped with first-class Bluetooth for up to five mobile phones, the KX – TG585SK will add a range of power sources to your home, office or home system. It features DECT-6 technology and can be expanded to 6 handsets, allowing It’s functional and a breeze.

The phone’s digital information is fragmented, making it almost impossible for others to listen. It can be connected to a cable modem provided by your service provider or to any other cable or Internet connection.

This feature-rich PBX is very popular in small and large businesses. This phone has most of the features of a desk phone, but what sets it apart from other cordless phones we have tested is its mobile phone integration. It has 8 programmable buttons so it can see up to 8 rows – ins, and it is a quality product that can last for years.

This feature allows you to connect two mobile phone systems via Bluetooth, and each block has a special button to work. For example, mobile phones can be held and answered, which can be useful when charging your smartphone in another room, for example. Some models require a code to do the same, but not all do it, so it’s worth a look.

As with any phone with other attractive features, detours are possible, but many are out of reach for those who cannot see the visual display due to the lack of a screen or even a small screen.

The clarity of listening to the speaker base of the handset is excellent, and the answering machine is also easy to use. If you only want to make and receive calls, this is a good choice, especially for those who want a phone with an easy-to-use interface for simply placing and receiving calls.

AT&T EL52113 - Excellent speaker base, cordless

Still, the AT & T EL52113 is a good choice for a cordless phone with an answering machine and an excellent speaker base. Given Panasonic’s track record and commitment to accessibility, we hope Panasonic will figure out how to broaden its text and voice capabilities and provide us with a full-featured cordless phone that everyone can use to the full. 

If you’re looking for new smartphones to complement your cordless handset, take a look at the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G4 or Samsung G3.

KX-TG7875S - First choice for for business integration

At the other end of the spectrum, the Panasonic KX – TG7875S is better suited for business integration than any other phone in this setup and has better battery life than other cordless phones.

In terms of functionality, the KZ – TGE433B tops the list of cordless phones we tested overall.

VTech CS6719 - Simple, practical and user-friendly

An inexpensive option for people looking for a simpler cordless phone is the simple VTech CS6719. This is not the nicest of all cordless phones, but it is still good value for money and a very good phone for its price.

The VTech CS6719 has all the basic features you need in a phone, unlike all the other products we’ve tested, and it’s good enough to be perfect if you want to set it up quickly and start talking. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simpler home phone and is also a great option for those with many other needs.

This cordless phone is equipped with extremely practical and user-friendly specifications that are sure to attract many potential buyers. It’s a must-have for any corded phone, given the load of the latest features and offers an attractive price.

Panasonic Phone Hearing Aid

When looking for a phone, you should first make sure it is compatible with hearing aids and has a sound amplification or noise cancellation system. You might find that a cordless device, which also has a speakerphone to amplify the sound, could be a good fit for your family. 

If you are flexible in price, you can find a range of different types of hearing aids, such as earphones, headphones and answering machines, to make it easier for you and your loved ones to use.

KX-TGM420W - Designed for people with hearing impairment

You will find that the most reliable phones on the market are tailored to your hearing impairment. If you are looking for the best phone for a hearing-impaired person with hearing loss, consider purchasing a Panasonic KX – TGM420W.

The reinforced cordless telephone is equipped with many functions that appeal to seniors and the hearing impaired. It has a wide range of nice features that are beautiful and designed for people with hearing impairments. Seniors with hearing impairments will certainly find this phone very practical and easy to use.

It has a wide range of features for people with hearing impairments, such as the ability to record, record and record audio. It also features a high-quality sound system and excellent sound quality for seniors and the hearing-impaired.

This cordless telephone system may not be the best on the market today, but it certainly provides all the basic functionality you would basically need.

If you have people in your house who are hard of hearing, it would be a blessing for them to get one of these phones.

The KX – TGE210B Amplified Cordless Phone was also developed by Panasonic for home use and has several features that makes it a great buy for the hearing impaired. With the amplification features, users can switch the sound source on and off as well as the volume of the phone. 

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Your Panasonic device doesn’t have to be licensed for warranty purposes. Only keep a copy of your receipt or sales bill from the registered Panasonic dealer you bought your product from.

In the event of a malfunction with your device, you must apply your purchase receipt or other evidence of the original purchase date, showing the amount paid and the place of purchase to ensure the immediate validity of the warranty at any Approved Panasonic service centre for repairable models, or at the place of purchase of your product for exchange models.

No. The batteries that come with your phone don’t have the same memory effect as older batteries used to have. Keeping the handset on the charger is secure when it is not in use. But make sure to use just the rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. Never use Alkaline or any other form as this could harm your handset.

If you have more than one cordless phone in your phone system, you may experience connectivity issues with your handsets that are not connected to the “main” device. Except for the primary handset that will have already been “registered” to the main base unit, you will need to manually register the remaining units.

You’re dealing with a cordless device — and that device has a spectrum it fits best inside. If you’re getting rough-sounding calls, try getting close to back to the base unit. If you have a large home or house, you may also consider buying the Panasonic Range Booster, which increases the range at you which can receive direct calls.

In some cases, because of a loss of cords or cables, the device can also have communication issues. If you don’t get a signal, and you’ve confirmed that all of your cables are wired, disconnect the phone cable from your phone jack and add another phone to the jack.


If the other phone is working, you can rule out a defective phone connection as the cause of your question. Look closer for damage to the cords, cables and hardware on your base unit. If necessary, have them replaced.