Samsung Telephone Systems

Samsung’s telephone systems are at the forefront of digital communications. To help you choose a fully automated mobile network, they combine voice and data systems into one easy-to-use platform. 

They provide you with feature-rich handsets to help you and your employees grow productively. Their telecommunications systems are customized to fit the flexibility and budget needs of any organisation, allowing you to migrate to IP technologies whenever you are ready.

Samsung phone systems serve evolving demands and provide you with configurable infrastructure, ensuring you already have the perfect communication options in place when you need them.

At BTelecommunicatins UK, we will deliver a cutting-edge Samsung business telephone systems to your company and in addition can provide you with expert guidance, installation and training.

Samsung Telephone Systems – Helping you build smarter business communications

Samsung is a global technology corporation with a large presence in many fields of both consumer and business infrastructure.

Samsung telephone systems are primarily built to enable businesses with a capability of 3,000 users to create smart business communications. The Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series, for example, offers a wide range of solutions to suit both large and small companies of any size. 

Commercial companies frequently see the OS7030 as the entry-level choice, whereas the 7100 and 7400 model is usually used by larger businesses who prefer traditional wireless handsets like the DS5007S along with IP phones and SIP trunking.

Because of its robust compatibility with PSTN, ISDN and SIP Trunking, the Samsung OfficeServ range can handle any form of connectivity. Offering rich apps such as call queuing, voicemail to email, music-on-hold, auto attendant and much more, your business is assured improvement in business connectivity and productivity with the Samsung phone system whilst also reducing your monthly rents and call costs.

Samsung’s phone system’s range of products includes a wide variety of trendy terminals, suitable for use in the workplace, at home, or at any location enabled for wireless connectivity.

Samsung Office Service 7100

Samsung OfficeServ 7100 is a single, portable interface that links wireless and wireline communications, voice and data – delivering all-in-one access and considerable cost savings.

It can extend along with your business in 4-port increments and can accommodate up to eight incoming lines with up to 32 phones.

Samsung Office Serve 7200

Samsung Office Serv 7200 is a simple, all-in-one telephone service that provides you with streamlined network administration and management, helping you you save and invest in other main business areas.

Ideal for small and medium-sized companies with up to 128 telephones, the Office Serv 7200 provides businesses with the perfect combination of people, technologies and processes.

OfficeServ 7200 is a completely converged platform and offers strong, IP-based wired and wireless functionality in audio and data telephony.

Samsung OfficeServ 7030

The flexibility of the OfficeServ 7030 enables any mix of Samsung’s wired and wireless telephones, IP phones and digital phones. It also supports the newest technologies in the SIP technological system. 

With nearly 100% of the same functionality present on all OfficeServ 7000 Series, you can launch from a single location and extend the system to suit your business needs. This solution supports up to 16 phones.

Samsung OfficeServ 7400

The Samsung OfficeServ 7400 offers a large system for business clients who would like to incorporate several important functions into the business telephone system.

This system has comprehensive commercial scalability, including up to 480 mobile, 64 SIP trunks and 20 simultaneous voicemails in one single cabinet alone, this system has been configured to accommodate expanded voice and data traffic.

Used often in tandem with the Samsung Call Management package, also referred to as CMS, your company will be able to report in-depth on all facets of the operation, ranging from single extension use to global network-wide use.

5000 Series - Simple and Stylish

The Samsung 5000 series of digital handsets are sleek and user-friendly, with each smartphone built to optimise the advantages of the OfficeServ feature – whether that is a mobile phone, full-featured handset or a softphone with LCD monitor and programmable features. As technology advances, you can be confident that Samsung will at the lead of the transition, bringing your company ahead of the game.

The touchscreen handsets of the Samsung 5000 series feature a 32-character, 2-line scrollable LCD panel for displaying call information such as Calling Line Identification (CLI, the caller) and Direct Dial Inward (DDI, the receiver).

The LCD also lets users work through device apps in an effortless way. Additionally, monitor handsets integrate programmable soft keys with tri-coloured led status indications that can be used for speed dialling, as well as one-touch control key functionality and conventional ‘key & lamp’ service.

Compatible handsets can also be assigned with optional add-on packages, creating 64 extra soft keys. Or you can use the basic versions as a cost-effective option for workers whose telephony needs are not that demanding.

Samsung 6000 Series

Samsung’s latest SMT-i6000 desk phone series is shifting the rules of IP phone delivery and the user’s experience. 

Powerful and responsive SMT-i6000 handsets (wired and wireless) business phones use to combine a user’s mobile phone with the desk phone using the Samsung Device Manager application. This gives users additional flexibility and control over their desk phone.

All 6000 Series models offer wired network connections and an ergonomic style including:

  •  A unique ‘floating’ mobile phone. This looks cool but its main objective is not artistic but functionality, so it’s easy to hold the mobile device from any angle.

  • Adjustable angle. The user can change the handset angle, allowing the user to customise their desk layout.

  • Intuitive functionality. The phones have 35 or 47 buttons and are grouped for convenience and ease of use in three distinct groupings. There are the monitor and four corresponding buttons at the top; the number pad and call feature buttons at the bottom; and 12 or 24 programmable buttons for user flexibility.

  • Connectivity versatility. It includes a two-wire Gigabit adapter, headphone port, and USB port that supports cordless headsets with Electronic Hook Switch (EHS).

Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series - Flexibility to Expand

The Officeserv 7000 series was designed to offer advanced voice, data and wireless connectivity through a single IP platform. Officeserv 7000 can be implemented by businesses to develop advanced telephony applications.

The OfficeServ 7000 series provides a wide range of capabilities and features and offers an effective, inexpensive solution for any enterprise. Therefore, whether you’re a small company, a head office, or a division of a bigger establishment, OfficeServ 7000 series becomes the centre of your communication network.

The series offers constant versatility to satisfy future growth demands, moves and changes. It’s fast and simple to add more handsets or switch users around to new extensions. 

The application of digital technology ensures that Samsung can fully integrate communications through LANs, WANs and the Internet within each enterprise – with compatible capabilities and functions, including a common look and feel for every terminal.

The OfficeServ 7000 is available in five versions, from the 7030 entry model, appropriate for small offices, to the 7100, 7200S, 7200 and 7400 for larger offices. 

The system can be installed at a single site to support 4 to 480 extensions and combine to connect 100 sites. Systems use common interface units and can use the same app programmes and terminals.

The OfficeServ 7000 enables users to operate from any location via VoIP, to providing access to their voicemail, to stay in contact with clients via their usual DDI and to make calls via the OfficeServ at a fraction of the rate. It helps the company to benefit from a diverse workforce while maintaining control of staff and cost management at the same time. 

All businesses that use smartphones, as well as desk phones, can benefit from the robust mobile integration, providing cost savings, ease of use, high-quality voice and improved flexibility.

Samsung provides a wide variety of handsets for use with the OfficeServ 7000, both IP and wireless. All devices have been ergonomically built, are easy to use, and offer users the right set of features and access levels to fit their needs – whether that’s a basic telephone with programmable keys, cable, softphone or fully loaded handset.

Why BTelecommunications for Your Samsung Telephone Systems Supply?

BTelecommunications UK is an experienced supplier of Samsung telephone systems with a passion for providing the best business telephone system solutions. 

We provide objective guidance on all areas of telecommunications across a wide variety of system options so your business can enjoy increased efficiency, reliability and value for money.

We are an independent company and are able to deliver a wide variety of business phone systems, tailored to the exact needs of your business – whether you run a startup on a single site or an established, multi-site enterprise that wants to take advantage of converged communications technology such as web, email, computer, data and fax.

We provide the full benefits provided by modern business telephone systems, including direct dial, voice mail, conference calls, call recording, auto attendant, call logging, and, where necessary, call management – among many others.

Connecting users wherever they are

Communication today means much more than making or receiving calls. With technologies that establish a synergy between voice and data networks, it is now possible to connect and exchange audio, fax, video and data and open up hosts of business phone system opportunities.

We can support from 2 to 600 extensions by integrating digital voice and VoIP with advanced networking capabilities, including the ability to link systems across several sites and onto mobile networks.

Taking time to know and serve you better

We’ll be spending time with you to better understand your company and its needs. We look at the expectations of your customers and your staff’s needs and company processes. 

Ultimately, we aim to build communications systems that lower prices, increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, and provide greater flexibility with doing business. We also provide a full demonstration facility as part of the process to ensure you are satisfied with the functionality of the system.

Transparent pricing

With us, there are no hidden costs with a call and servicing plan, for example. We will also let you understand precisely what each part of the business telephone system would cost and, where applicable, illustrate individually how the network will save you money in certain fields, such as call costs. 

For certain situations, that can mean that when you change provider you get your system at no extra cost. We’ll explain in clear terms in any situation.

Objective advice at all times

Vitally, we’re not tied to a single maker of business phone systems and our engineers are experts on a wide variety of devices. So we can help you make the perfect choice for your unique business needs from leading brands we supply, including Samsung, Panasonic, Avaya, NEC, Alcatel-Lucent and others.


If you need to pass calls from one user to another or have to manage more than one outside line, then you need to have a phone network. A regular telephone line does not provide you with the facilities to transfer calls or even place them on hold.

The system itself is positioned between your external lines and your internal phones. This manages the communications between the wires and telephones, allowing you to transfer calls, make internal calls, place clients on hold, etc.

The number of outer lines determines how many calls will be taken at any given time. So, if you have three lines, then you will make or answer three outside calls at any time. There is no bearing on the number of internal phones in the number of outer lines.

A keyphone is a device that only operates on a telephone network that typically has a hold button and lights that show the status of the phone and other functions. A regular phone connects to every normal phone line and has no status indications. But calls can still be transmitted via a regular cell.