Call Recording and Call Reporting

All businesses have the potential to face intimidating lawsuits, so preserving regulatory compliance is vital to your business. If disputes arise, call recording and call reporting may be used as evidence and ensure that the workers follow compliant procedures.

Call reporting is simply the process of collecting comprehensive PBX or telephone company call details, compiling the details and compiling a report on the requirements you set. Recording calls allow you to detect and check the call’s audio quality to ensure it meets company standards. Monitoring the workers ‘and phones’ time-effectiveness as a success measure.

Recording calls are usually legal at the federal level, although the laws vary significantly from state to state. Federal legislation requires communications to be registered so long as one party agrees to the conversation. That would mean that if the conversation was recorded by a sales representative, the legislation would allow you to make the recorded call accessible to all the workers, not just sales representatives.

Why are Call Recording and Call Reporting useful for businesses ?

Call recording and call reporting solutions are valuable telephone system technologies that allow you to monitor both inbound and outbound calls going through your company and can provide reliable information on past call data that can prove useful for regulatory purposes, customer support or audit.

Running a company in today’s market can be difficult and that’s why it is so critical for company owners and managers alike to be able to assess what performance levels are actually in place and have a metric to evaluate change against targets. Gone are the days of stuffy conference rooms where you stood with a flip chart at the front of the office to comment on the success of the week, while making sure you cough periodically to wake up the people who fell asleep at the back.

Nowadays, businesses are opting for a much more professional and constructive approach to tracking employee performance. Through reviewing the past and current records, you will equate the success of individual employees with the expectations of your company and use the recorded data to show your employees exactly what is expected and what needs to be improved. In doing so, it can prove to be a catalyst for workers to take the initiative to ensure that service quality is provided always when.

Telephone, internet, and email are the most commonly used ways of business communications, and it makes sense to provide an application to better understand how to use these devices and how they can be enhanced if any. Think about it, we’re monitoring the history of every email and letter we exchange with our important contacts so why don’t we expand it to calls?

By integrating inexpensive call recording software and call reporting systems as part of your new or current telephone program, you can easily boost the sales efficiency of your phone and produce a substantial increase in revenue for your company.

With call recording software and call reporting apps, you can record every phone call your business makes and receives with 100% reliability and fast and easy to set up customized settings, giving you the flexibility you need to boost your business ‘profitability while providing the best possible service to your customers.

How does the process of call recording work ?

You are in full charge of Btelecom’sCall Recording network. Once installed, the Call Recording program can automatically record all phone calls made or received by your organization in a digital audio file format. This file is then stored on your private cloud server, which approved employees can access and replay when and when they need it.

Using our database to check for details such as the telephone number, time and date of the call and the hour of the day you made the call to find an exact call history. You can also set your preferences including whether you would like to record all calls or only incoming or outgoing calls. You can also pick other extensions you want to record and set the amount of time you want to hold your records.

Why is Call Recording Beneficial?

There are few things more useful than Call Recording for companies who conduct business over the phone to provide a valuable tool for providing employee reviews, training, and growth.

Call App Recording will help you enhance customer service

Getting the opportunity to record and listen back to a particular phone call helps clear up any miscommunication and ensures you provide the exact product or service the client wants.

Software for call recording can also help boost the efficiency of the employees

It acts as a convenient and cost-free training resource since all phone calls with customers are registered and can be played back. The recording feature of phone calls makes it possible for it to be used to educate employees about how to best assist a client or increase their chances of making a sale. Moreover, capturing a phone call ensures that workers can replay and view any sensitive customer details in the event they forget something.

Mobile devices used for businesses

Ensures Comprehensive Compliance (FCA, PCI DSS, MiFID II)

Call recording solutions that are necessary and required by law for some organizations. Getting one is a sure way to avoid sanctions

Risk mitigation and Data verification

Disputes arising from incorrect advice, counselling, orders or information given and/or received over the telephone are swiftly resolved by simply reviewing the records.

Quality Control and Governance

Easily ensuring that your employees follow business protocols with call recording Customer and business insights — collecting important information and driving business decisions based on call recording data

How beneficial is call reporting to a business ?

It’s totally helpful! Call reporting software can help to recognize and address missed business opportunities as it allows you the opportunity to call back the missing customers. What’s more, when you can look at the details and the number of missed non-office hours calls, it lets you decide whether or not you need to hire additional workers in busier times.

You’ll have access to detailed reports with our Call Monitoring and Management tools to illustrate how you can boost your company and demonstrate how you’re doing when it comes to call traffic. Display information on wallboards allow executives to quickly understand the overall coordination.

You can also use call reporting to train your team to give your customers a world-class service. With access to performance data and specific KPIs, board decision-making is improved and important strategic decisions are improved and market growth is driven.

Effectively monitor staff productivity. Managers can assess team performance and balance workloads based on call volume and call wait times.

Improve call handling Track call efficiency and define peak hours to maximize staff rates at these periods Include improved customer support behavior with diligent insights that can contribute to better customer service and satisfaction to boost potential call use.

Which type of metrics are measured ?

BTelecoms call reporting software asses three key metrics: 

Missed Call Analysis

Missed Call Analysis allows you to see any missed call, including the telephone number, the time of day and the caller’s dialing number, so you can determine whether to return it. This feature is particularly useful when seeing who called you outside working hours, as you can then track certain callers to see if you can be of assistance.

Call Handling Analysis

Call Handling Analysis offers an opportunity to see data on how quickly the staff will respond to calls, how many will be transferred and how long staff will spend on each call. Looking at these figures will help you delegate more or fewer workers to different roles, fix customer service problems and assess outbound and inbound sales team success levels.

Marketing Analysis

Call Tracking is also useful for marketing research, as you can allocate a specific phone number to each campaign and then use our reports to see which campaign created the most calls for any given period of time. To evaluate your success in various parts of the world, combine this with our regional number service to see which campaigns are the most successful.

Why Choose Btelecom ?

Btelecoms is a powerful and flexible Call Recording Solution for ISDN, Analog and IP lines and extensions. Essential to any organization of any size, call recording provides undisputed facts about telephone calls resulting in a faster resolution of disputes. Improve customer service by listening, training and complying with the requirements of regulatory bodies and your outsourced clients.

At Btelecoms, we provide you with services that- 

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Prove adherence with your clients ‘company needs.
  • Improve staff efficiency through listening and performance analysis.
  • Improve service delivery by the correct recording of the facts.
  • Resolve the ‘who said what’ dispute swiftly and without concession.
  • Pinpoint’s top performers have the skills to help less successful colleagues.

What is more, we can help you take it to the next level and incorporate screen capture solutions. A consumer interaction with a call center agent is a portrayal of the activities on the agent monitor. Record one or all of the desktops of the employees for quality control and auditing purposes. Call recording is just part of the story if you aim for increasing customer service. Optionally our system shows what’s happening on the Computer screen of your employee, offering a perfect method for training new beginners for example on order inputs.  Our Interaction Recorder Network now offers highly scale, effective and low-cost screen recording.

We work closely with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Feel free to get in touch – as all our solutions are tailored to your needs, we’re happy to talk to you about the best options for your business.

Choose a partner who understands your goals, choose Btelecoms today. Call us on 02380 970979 or reach us via out contact form to begin.


For our Call Recording administration, we use one of the industry-leading technologies. We will provide you with the best suited for your business needs and size. Call Recording ensures you can be confident that all internal and external calls are recorded accurately.

We can not put a fixed price on how much Call Recording would cost to set up because of the unique nature of every company. Call recording costs would depend on your business needs, which software packages would be useful to you and a variety of other things, such as the number of calls you need to record and the number of lines you need.

Installing Call Recording will be done as part of installing the new phone device as a whole. This means that we can install all the items in one source, so adding Call Recording to your selected software specifications will not result in any extra installation time. If you would like further details on how Call Recording could work for your company, please feel free to contact our team.

The software for Call Recording works to the point of extension, so regardless of the phone you are using – headset, Samsung, a Yealink phone or a HiHi, you will be able to record your calls.

Sure, it does! Our Call Monitoring software lets you see if there are any business areas that take longer to respond to calls, or if they are not answered at all. This not only allows businesses to speak to workers and try to resolve any problems but can also help spur employees to be more productive, realizing they are being monitored.