BTelecommunications: Smartphone Systems Built To Suit Every Business

We provide satisfactory business communication solutions to different organisations, from startups to corporations,  educational institutions to NGOs. We give consumers robust services that allow them to increase profitability. 

We are experienced in providing and installing a wide variety of enterprise telecommunications systems. We supply both new and reconditioned business phone systems, including Panasonic, Samsung, Alcatel, Avaya, NEC, and Erricson-LG. 

We also offer leases on all of our business systems, no matter how big or small, for UK clients. We offer a full range of business phone services.

Find The Best Phone System For Your Business

Finding the best-fit business phone system for your company would help it expand and prosper. We’re best positioned at BTelecommunications to offer the right programme for you. We will help you better serve your customers, provide efficient teamwork and promote flexible working system within your organisation. 

If you need a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) plug ‘n’ play phone to save time while calling, or a bigger cloud-based VoIP or on-site network to run a big contact centre, you’ll find the solution you need. And we’ll give you the most cost-effective method to transition to the future with flexibility.

Why BTelecommunications?

  •  Professional, UK-based customer service 
  • Strategic alliances with UK main carriers
  • Industry experts with many years of experience
  • Independent provider
  • Guaranteed to minimise cost while providing top service 
  • 24-hour assistance from our committed sales staff
  • You will receive a single integrated bill

What phone system best suits your business need?

VoIP phone systems - You'll never miss another important call again

With a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system, you get features of a regular telephone system, except for one key difference: it’s delivered in the cloud. And that means you’re spending less on equipment and repairs. 

A cloud-based phone system is also a lot much flexible as not only can you take and manage calls from your desk phone, but also from your computer and mobile. So you can use all of the office system functions wherever you are. You’ll never miss another important call with VoIP again.

On-premises phone systems - Cut costs and improve operations

Is your phone system hold you back? Are you looking for ways to minimise expenses while boosting business operations with an efficient on-premise phone system?

At BTelecommunications, our powerful on-premises business phone systems can transform your business, while keeping costs low. 

Everyone at your organisation is assigned their own direct dial number plus voicemail inbox. So as the company expands and the staff increase, you may add the handsets. 

The networks will be linked to your servers so that the names of your clients show up as they call. And you can include instant messaging and conferencing for better communication.

Business landline to mobile - Designed with you in mind

Whether you are a company that operates on the run or has offices all over the country, it can be difficult ensuring everyone’s ready to communicate – That is, except you’ve got BTelecommunications as your business phone systems partner. Here’s how it works:
  • Get a regular mobile handset  
  • This starts a bit like a typical phone deal. You will be issued a SIM card to use on your current smartphone (or you can pick a new one).
    • Supercharge it with powerful apps  
    • With the aid of a smartphone app and online portal, all your business mobiles and calls can be handled as you would in an advanced phone device.
      • Involve the entire team – at just a small cost per device
      • With our collection of desk phones, your office-based workers can enjoy the same fantastic features. The BTelecommunications business phone system is built with you in mind, so your bill will be personalised, but the average monthly spend is £XX per subscriber, excluding VAT.

The perfect business phone numbers for your callers - More than XXX million numbers beginning within XXp/month

To help give your business the right promotion and visibility nationally, find the perfect, easy-to-recall business phone number in any town or city. We have a wide variety of numbers in our Tier-1 network, and incoming calls can be routed to either UK landline or cell phone number. 

Numbers that are non-geographic include the popular freephone range that begins with 0800. You can also select a local rate number 0333. Generate a refund for each call by choosing from a set of 084x and 087x business phone numbers or use our virtual regional 01/02 numbers to establish a company footprint in a specific area of the UK.

phone system for your business need

BTelecommunications: Dedicated, helpful and low-cost.

We are specialists in telephony infrastructure including hosted PBX, internet, broadband company, leased line access, on-site applications, multi-site and more. 

We take pride in providing outstanding customer service by listening to your needs and presenting tailor-made solutions. By becoming a BTelecommunications client, you can be confident that you have partnered with a reputable business phone systems company dedicated to delivering high quality, cost-effective service to our customers. 

Start today –  Talk to us about your company needs, or simply let one of our consultants review your current services at no expense and see if we can enhance your communication strategy.

We’ve written some useful business telecoms guides for your reference, which you can find below.

BTelecommunications-Dedicated, helpful and low-cost

Business Phone Systems and Planning is very crucial for designing any network.


Business Broadband and Planning is very crucial for designing any network.

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