Scalable Business Phone System

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BTelecoms offers modern business phone systems with world-class communication capabilities that grow with your business. Our cloud-based and onsite telephone technology allows users to make phone calls, send text messages, and engage in other forms of communication with customers, partners and colleagues.

The system is highly scalable, meaning you can add and remove lines easily and cost-effectively.

Let the BTelecoms business phone system team help you choose the right business phone for your business and call plan to provide your business with all the functionality you need.

We are able to simplify the transition process by allowing you to maintain your existing number of phones and devices when you switch to our-business telephony, as well as having access to all the features available in the business phone plan.

What Business Phone Solutions Do We Offer?

BTelecoms offers business phone systems that can be based in your premises or in the cloud, or a combination of both.


Integrated PBX

BTelecoms offers an integrated PBX with a variety of advanced features such as voice, video, and data storage. Advanced features include integration with other business telephone systems and the ability to integrate into the trunk of the telephone system.

IP Phone System

We offer VoIP solution which includes a range of voice functions required by the organization and support external and internal communication as needed. The system
The IP telephone system is scalable to a large extent - the service provider can upgrade the system according to the requirements of the growing business. You don't have to worry about the effort required for additional phone connections.
As your business grows, you can all have the same phone functions in one place without the need for a physical phone line.

Why Do You Need a Scalable Business Phone System?

A large company can easily hire hundreds of new employees a year, and each new hire needs its own telephone line. By using a scalable business phone system, you can easily add and remove users and manage your phone lines.

Also, your team can manage their user profiles in real time, thereby alleviating the pain of onboarding employees.

Scalable Business Phone System

Why Do You Need a Cloud Based Business Telephone System to Scale?

During the days of older technologies, growing companies will have to spend a staggering sum when the time comes for them to scale.

When the time comes to expand and accommodate more staff, with each new computer, cabling will have to be mounted. Copper cabling and other products were often costly, and was a very difficult and intrusive work.

In comparison, VOIP makes it a breeze to run a scalable company – you have about everything you need if you already have an internet connection.

A cloud business phone system enables businesses to easily scale the number of users and functions required, as well as the amount of data storage.

The hosted phone system allows you to communicate with your customers and partners in a way that traditional communications solutions do not. It provides features that keep you connected with your customers, such as email, social media, and voice and text messages.

The reason for this is that it allows you to obtain a specialized solution for all your communication needs. This platform offers a wide range of tools that will help you improve customer service and generate higher revenues.

At BTelecoms, our business phone team is able to connect you to any provider of voice solutions with a simple click, and you can switch from one provider to another within minutes. And we can tap into an existing data connection, you save the cost of installing and maintaining phone lines in your office or business, as well as time and cost of installation.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Our Scalable Business Phone System?

Reduces Costs

Our cloud VOIP phone network can minimize costs, alleviate the strain on office personnel and ensure that the business telephone system is long-lasting.

Full Control

BTelecoms’s elegant and efficient call recording system is fully incorporated with the cloud platform, allowing you full control of both your telephony and your call recording solution. An intuitive archive of the system can be viewed, copied and recorded from one web login. It can record the caller and has an automated call tracking number, which tracks the customers, whether they talk on a cell phone, an office phone or any other device.

No Need to Purchase and Maintain Equipment

When you set up a hosted PBX, you do not need to buy and maintain equipment on site. And the business phone system can be easily installed. The hardware and software can be upgraded just like normal business telephone system.

Quick to Deploy

If you are a start-up and need to talk to prospective customers or potential investors, a cloud-based telephone system may be the quickest way to do so. If you hire a member of the sales team, they can be set up within a few days without the need for new equipment.

Access Real-Time Data Easily

One of the key advantages of cloud-based business telephony systems is that they allow you to access real-time data without the need for a physical phone line or even a computer.

Superior Voice Clarity

VoIP provides superior clarity in communication between employees and customers across all communication devices, including mobile phones and even desktop computers.

Automated Switchboards

VoIP systems provide access that until now only large companies using expensive PBX systems have had access to, such as automated switchboards and computer integration that allows you to send answering machines to email mailboxes, turn your computer into a softphone, and much more.

Cheaper to Set Up

These systems are significantly cheaper than fixed systems and easier to set up and configure. VoIP systems offer remote employees access to a wide range of communication options such as e-mail, phone calls, faxes and text messages, as well as the ability to provide voice, video, voice, text, e-mail and other communications services.

No Need for a Dedicated Mobile Phone

VoIP technology enables employees to take off and make business calls without the need for a special mobile phone. In addition, online telephony enables employees and external employees to work together seamlessly.

Better Customer Service

Our cloud telephony is one of the most popular business telephony systems for small businesses. It offers many different functions to help your business become more efficient and provide a superior customer experience every time.

Better Customer Service

Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

VoIP system provides smartphone applications and mobility features that enable employees to enjoy the full functionality of their desk phone anytime, anywhere.

Manage Your Communication in Real-Time

Our business phone system allows you to monitor and manage your communications infrastructure in real-time and provide your business with a wide range of communication options, from a simple phone line to a high-speed Internet connection. Equipped with an automatic assistant so you can accommodate your customers as efficiently as possible.

Valuable Add-Ons

BTelecoms’s business phone system allows the integration of essential add-ons that enable you to take calls from any device, greet callers with a personal greeting, log into the system and access existing toll-free numbers. Even better, you get all the features you enjoy, but at a fraction of the cost.

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In short, you have practically nothing to lose by converting your company telecommunications to cloud-based solutions. With flexible, cost-effective choices at your disposal, the only problem is whether you’ve not already made the move.

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VoIP systems are just like home software and apps, the main difference being the size of the product. VoIP users tend to have more needs than individual users, and business plans will have additional flexibility and options, including multiple numbers and system centralization.

Similar to a landline system, with VOIP providers, you can choose from a variety of voice, video and text messaging options for your business. VoIP systems can be easily integrated with computers, allowing employees to make calls from their devices and have voicemail sent directly to their emails.

Voice over IP can make a huge difference to the functionality of your business, no matter how big it is. Hosted systems can suit any size of business and maintain the same quality of service for those who want seamless communication at no cost.

Businesses will have greater flexibility and mobility as they can find themselves anywhere in the world, from the United States to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Often known as IP PBX, centralized communications network or business telecommunications system, a PBX is the central switching system for telephone calls within an organization. IP PBX networks handle internal interstation traffic and serve as gatekeeper to the outside world.

The traditional business telephone system lacks the modern features that business owners need to stay in touch with their company and its customers and team members. Employees need a secure way to communicate with customers, do business and share information with colleagues. These are what you get when you use a cloud phone service.

A variety of cloud-based PBXs and private industry exchanges are generally available for use with cloud-based contact centres, including those that enhance the contact center user experience and customer service experience.

Small businesses can also use cloud-based telephone systems by using a Contact Center Service (CCAAS), sometimes integrated into existing cloud-based switchboards, private branches and exchanges.

The result is that a small business can have a cloud-based telephone system that provides a unified communications service (UCaaS) to run all messages, calls, video conferencing, etc. on the same platform.

Yes, organizations that want to retain their existing telephone system now have the option to retain their old or existing telephone system.

Similar to a traditional telephone system, the VoIP company’s hardware is stored in a special IT room. If you prefer to keep your existing devices, you can connect directly to your provider via the cloud. This means that your in-house telephone systems have a limited amount of storage space and a limited bandwidth available to you.

The first consideration must be whether you want a PBX in the cloud or in the building. It doesn’t matter what phone systems your business is using, because you need to find something that is scaled to support your growing business. We can help you choose the perfect system if we know what your unique needs are. Get in touch with us today.

The cost of business phone systems varies depending on your needs. The cost includes hosting, ranging from small businesses to multi-service companies and the cost of the PBX itself. There is also the cost of installation and maintenance and a monthly subscription fee.