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BTelecoms provides the best business telephone service to a broad variety of industry sectors. Whilst we realize that when it comes to business telecoms, there is no one size fits all, our experience across the various market sectors ensures that we are familiar with many of the problems that businesses face and have a wide range of solutions that can be customized to suit your particular needs.

We will work closely with you to understand your requirements for telecoms, which will improve the experience of your customers, minimize operational costs and increase the productivity of staff.

Whatever field your company operates in, BTelecoms will help you find the best telecommunications solution for you. Take a look below to see how we can support your company.

Finance Sector

We understand the challenges faced by financial sector companies who have to keep up with constantly changing compliance requirements, rising operating costs, and need to always stay ahead of the competition. BTelecoms recognizes the industry’s varied requirements and has the expertise and knowledge to address these obstacles while supplying the company with an effective communication solution.


Our telecom solutions ensure effective communication and coordination between teams and between the company and its customers. BTelecoms provides the ability to support the employees in multiple locations with one versatile contact solution. To offer an all-in-one, secure integrated communication system we combine telephony, mobile networking, front office trading, and customer contact.

Business Phone Systems for Financial Services

What are the Benefits of Phone System in the Finance Sector? 

  • Choose from a range of SIP, IP-DECT mobile handsets or combine a smartphone connected to a desk phone to ensure that workers can always be in contact with customers wherever they are.
  • Audio, video conferencing, voice and text messages or emails ensure quick and flexible communication around your company.
  • Using web-based management, ensure that the technology is connected to your business needs with a single interface for call control and device administration across a large network.
  • Via protected call communication with encrypted voice and call recording, workers can pick any device to become their own, enabling them to hot-desk anywhere Financial companies can have the peace of mind of maximum security.
  • A fully integrated, cost-effective solution is offered by IP communications that assist trading desks and private and financial and networking.

How we can help your company

BTelecoms specialize in providing products and excellent customer service, communication solutions for financial sector businesses. We work closely with you to understand your telecommunications needs and provide the solution which best suits your needs


Legal Sector

BTelecoms understands that in the legal industry, quick, efficient and reliable communication and collaboration between your company, partners, and clients is crucial. The legal sector faces the daunting demands of reducing costs yet at the same time increasing consumer responsiveness, along with offering a more personalized service.

At BTelecoms Solution we provide telecom solutions that allow anyone employed in the legal sector to maintain contact with customers, colleagues, and partners, including while operating as part of a team across multiple sites. The products and services allow you to have more of a competitive edge through versatility, mobility, and collaboration that not only lowers costs but also improves customer satisfaction and streamlines business processes.

Telephone systems for law firms

What are the Benefits of Phone System to he Legal System? 

  • Linking smartphones with desk phones enable staff to work in multiple locations, so they’ll never be out of contact with their colleagues and customers.
  • Online site-to-person mobile calls.
  • Call recording successfully handles and addresses customer issues, and can also feed into staff training.
  • Free calls between retail stores and mobile workers with host telephony ensuring that the lines and calls are more cost-effective.
  • Enable your workers to hot-desk, enabling employees to appoint any desktop to be their own at any location.

How we can improve the company

BTelecoms specializes in IP communications for law firms with a focus on increasing profitability, reducing costs, improving client responsiveness and promoting recruitment and retention of staff. We provide communication solutions that allow your workers to hot desk wherever they are while supporting successful collaboration tools that allow them to work in virtual teams with their colleagues and customers.


Healthcare Sector

BTelecoms is enthusiastic about providing cost-effective telecommunications solutions that improve healthcare organizations’ coordination and efficiency. We recognize that healthcare organizations face growing patient care and financial pressures and need to strengthen communications to enable them to deliver outstanding quality and best value to all patients on a continuous basis.

Healthcare Sector

What are the Benefits of Phone System in Healthcare sector?

  • Boost personnel and patient safety by integrating with current communications technologies such as next-generation nurse/patient call systems and alarms for lone workers.
  • Outbound notifications enhance patient communication, reduce the cost of missed appointments and provide useful transparency to monitor the quality of service.
  • Automated call management and auto attendant allows for smooth contact for patients and staff.
  • Upgrade your current investment at your own pace and secure it by moving at your own pace to help you manage the costs of a new IP investment.

How we can improve the company

At BTelecoms Solution, we work closely with you to comprehend your communication needs and make sure we implement a telephony solution that improves employee productivity, lowers operating costs and enhances patient care. The integrated communications systems cut costs, enhance patient care and free healthcare professionals valuable time. Our end-to-end telecommunications solutions are ideal for surgeries, clinics, and hospitals and allow your company to become more responsive and versatile during your busiest times.


Telesales Sector

Many companies and organizations use outgoing automated telephone systems to deliver marketing messages to their customers and connect them to human telemarketers. These systems can accept input, answer basic questions when connected to a computer database, and direct callers to the relevant department. Companies and other organizations typically use both incoming and automated telephone systems instead of receptionists.

Healthcare Sector

What are the Benefits of Phone System in Telesales?

  • Ringless voicemail will send a voice message directly to the voicemail of a landline or mobile phone. It offers a non-intrusive way of transmitting useful messages.
  • The business phone system has evolved with the advent of automated services that can be integrated across a wide range of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, marketing and business communications.
  • Unified, state-of-the-art business telephony solutions make it much easier for you to manage the communications of your company and its customer base and are sold in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, English and more.
  • Our system offers a high degree of customisation, so you can put together exactly the features you need to meet your specific needs without having to pay for bundled features that you won’t use.
  • Our system also gives your team the ability to work from anywhere and with different devices, at any time.

How we can improve the company

Telemarketing is an exceptionally effective and intuitive marketing tool used by many small and large organizations to increase business, especially to reach new customers and customers. We can help boost your effectiveness with prospects thanks to the ability to integrate third-party services such as help desk, ecommerce, and CRM programmes. When the phone system is integrated with other applications such as BTelecoms CRM, employees can manage incoming and outgoing calls from a single screen.


Contact Centre Services

Call center telephony services help your team answer the high volume of calls that call centers frequently face and effectively manage and manage them. These call centre systems are based on the same technology as business telephone systems and offer many of the same functions. 

Contact Centre Services

What are the Benefits of Phone System in Contact Centres

  • Reduced Operating Costs and Downtime and Increased Connectivity
  • Easy and Quick Access to Information for Better Customer Experience
  • Improves Sales and Performance
  • Improves Customer Experience
  • BTelecoms’s call centre technologies can be used to improve the customer experience.

How we can improve the company

Call centres have evolved in response to the new digital technologies of the old telephone systems. While today’s call centres do a good job of making and receiving calls, Btelecoms modern call centre software can do much more with the power of telephone interaction. With BTelecoms’s call centre technologies, contact centres can deliver improved customer experience. Our software and hardware help callers – centre agents answer questions more easily, improve their own service over time, and serve caller needs better overall.


Government, Public, and Education Sectors

Traditional business telephony systems use a traditional landline telephone system, often called Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). In a telephone system, office phones  used in government and public sectors,are connected to a single central router in the office, which then assigns a unique line, a so-called trunk, to the public telephone network. To translate, aPBX enables internal calls to be routed to a public telephone network with high reliability and reliability.

We feel passionate about providing a cost-effective and seamless communication solution at BTelecoms that allows schools and educational organizations to enhance their student experience and improve the contact between teachers and parents.

Government, Public, and Education Sectors

What are the Benefits of Phone System in Government, Public and Schools?

  • Advanced apps allow staff to quickly and efficiently transmit knowledge.
  • The emergency notification system helps you to respond to a problem as early as possible, while the automatic cloud backup keeps the data safe when a crisis occurs.
  • A smart telephone network with sophisticated landline security software provides defence from hackers on the phone.
  • Personal voicemail systems offer the workers versatility and the ability to be more open.
  • With call routing, self-service, and call monitoring, keep administration costs and incoming call response times to a minimum.
  • Government officials and teachers will deliver live classes in various locations, providing content on the curriculum through the web, video, and audio to increase student engagement.

How we can support your company

The cornerstone of every government and school administration should be effective communication. The Btelecoms solutions allow government, public, schools and educational organizations to use new communication technologies to provide easy access to information for teachers and staff, improve cooperation between students, parents, and teachers, while providing creative ways of learning for students. BTelecoms offer connectivity solutions that are best suited for government, the public sector and schools with integrated apps that enhance student experience and increase staff productivity.


Tech/media firms

Whether you run a tech company or a media firm, to a large extent, the success of your business depends on how you handle communication in your business, whether in-house communication or with customers, suppliers and vendors.

Investing in a business telephone system is the sure way to improve your telecoms system and ensure that your business can be reached at any time.

phone system for your IT firm

What are the Benefits of Phone System of Tech/Media Firms

  • Links to smartphone devices that allow employees to take their business lines along everywhere they go, and video conferencing systems mean that the employees can connect to everyone, no matter where they are and whether they choose to talk. 
  • While some businesses want only regular calling apps such as caller ID and voicemail, some want additional features such as ring classes, automatic operators, and on-hold audio. 
  • Employees can communicate with customers and conduct business in a secure manner, accessing information and information from their mobile phones.
  • A PBX for your company can give your company a number of important competitive advantages. One of the advantages of using a dedicated PBX for a small business is that all employees in the office can use the same voice resources.
  • If you plan to create multiple offices in your tech firm, a hosted telephone system is ideal because you will be able to connect all your locations to a central system easily and cost-effectively. This means you can seamlessly transfer calls between different locations and integrate the system into your company’s business directory.

Why Btelecoms?

Technology and media businesses can get a lot more done effectively with the right telephone system, and getting one set up for your firm starts with a quote. 

Here at Btelecoms, we have a wide range of solutions that can work for all industries regardless of size. However, we also have inhouse experts that can walk you through the available options and help you make an informed decision. Btelecoms UK offers a wide range of business telephone systems from established brands all over the world, any of which is guaranteed to meet your business needs.


IT Industry

IT or Information Technology is a catch-all for any job that is primarily to do with the operation of computers or developing for them within the IT industry/sector. While people who work in tech may think that an office telephone network is rather old-fashioned, a business telephone service has a lot of positive benefits.

Your IT firm will get a lot done in terms of communication with the right phone system. If you are in the market for a phone system, you are on the right page. Btelecoms UK is a leading partner of most phone system brands in the UK.

IT phone systems

What are the Benefits of Phone System to IT industry?

  • Moving your company phone network to a dedicated system, especially a system on the cloud makes mobility achievable not just for your remote employees, but everyone in your company. 
  • When IT employees leave their offices, they can stay connected to the company’s phone system via mobile apps. This allows business employees to work immediately from a location other than the company’s office, such as a hotel room, office building, or even a home office.
  • Companies that deploy high-quality telecommunications programmes give their employees the extra flexibility to do more work elsewhere. Remote workers will be able to access the main office telephone network as they should in any other part of the office.
  • For growing IT firms, business phone systems not only allow you to provide your clients with a professional image, but also provide your workers all the contact resources they need to get their job done. Links to smartphone devices that allow them to take their business line with them everywhere they go, and video conferencing systems mean that the employees can connect with others irrespective of where they are and whether they choose to engage with them. This results in a high increase in productivity that may not be obtainable without this technology. 
  • Business telephone system helps businesses reduce costs in communication. Like for most bulk orders, the more lines you use, the less per line you can expect to spend, thereby saving money on communication.

Why use Btelecoms?

The telephone system is an integral part of the overall success of your company because it is a central part of the overall business strategy and operation of the company.

Here at Btelecoms, we have a wide range of systems that can work for all IT firms regardless of size. However, we also have inhouse experts that can walk you through the available options and help you make an informed decision.


Central Office/HQ

Central offices and headquarters are the main hub of any business with branches and outlets. The need for them to have an effective communication can not be overemphasized as this is vital to keep all branches connected and keeping pace with developments at the HQ. 

A good phone system not only keeps everyone everywhere updated but does so in real time and with clarity.

Central Office-HQ

What are the Benefits of Phone System to Central Office/HQ

  • BTelecoms’s IP phone system is scalable to a large extent, we can upgrade the system according to the requirements of your growing business. As your business grows, you can all have the same phone functions in one place without the need for a physical phone line.
  • All employees in the office can use the same voice resources. Existing telephone systems allow workers to transfer calls from one to the other, and this ability alone can make the business run more smoothly.
  • Businesses will have greater flexibility and mobility as they can find themselves anywhere in the world, even in their home country or another country.
  • A business telephone system reduces the cost of various business aspects. VoIP business telephones do not require on-site installation unless you opt for a dedicated server to process the input data.
  • A business telephone system is a great way to eliminate the need to purchase new hardware for each new employee and to install new equipment.
  • One of the great things about cloud-based business telephony systems is that they allow you to access your data from anywhere in the world, from any device, anytime, without the need for a physical phone line.

Why Use Btelecoms?

BTelecoms delivers leading-edge business phone solutions, giving central offices and headquarters exposure to a range of the phone systems of big business at the rates of small business. Businesses equipped with BTelecoms’ business telephone system for headquarters can increase productivity and improve office communication.


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