Specialised Functions for Businesses Phone System (April 2020)

With the development of cloud server technology into the standard in today’s computer world, the concept of cloud services for business telephones has also become established. Today, the cloud provides small businesses with enterprise-level telephony services at affordable prices, but many businesses are reluctant to take the plunge into the cloud because of cost and security concerns.

In order to remain competitive and provide the kind of service that today’s customers expect, modern companies need a reliable, top-of-the-line telephone system. Cloud-based telephone systems give small businesses an advantage over the functions of big business communication.

If your business is concerned about efficiency, cloud business phone system comes with functions that it easy for your business to improve its telephone communications without slowing down its business in other areas or worry about security.

In this post, we look at the best functions designed specially of business phone systems.

What Is a Cloud-Based Telephone System?

Cloud-based telephone system, also known as a virtual telephone system, is a system in which all telephones are connected to the system. In general, business telephone systems allow companies to manage all fixed lines they connect to.

Virtual telephone systems offer a variety of benefits, such as being hosted online and easily accessible from anywhere in the world, regardless of location.

VoIP services are one of the newest developments in telecommunications industry. This sort of small business telecommunications network allows phone calls using an Internet connection. This way of communicating makes long distance calls faster and simpler to produce.

In terms of usability, reliability and features it is a perfect option for an office phone network. VoIP systems give total flexibility with respect to the number of applications that can be introduced to the programme.

What Are the Specialised Functions for Business Phone Systems?

Automatic Call Forwarding

Business phone systems come with Unified Communications App that gives you access to all the features of a traditional business phone system, such as call forwarding and provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for business users.

End-User Management

End-user management can also be performed within the Unified Communications app, reducing the need for specialised capabilities to monitor and modify the system.


Business phone system can be scaled up to 200 users and 60 simultaneous calls and is available in a wide range of sizes, from small to large. You can add users as you grow and pay for as many as they need.

Ability to Upgrade or Downgrade

IP phone system based operates on cloud technology, removing costly proprietary hardware requirements and may be upgraded or downgraded as an on-site or hosted system to suit the changing business needs. It provides excellent value for money by increased usage and excessive cost savings.

Analytics and Reporting

A key feature of business phone is the analytics. The system enables you to easily and quickly set up an automated assistant, forward call notifications to the right people and thus keep track of customer needs.

The cloud phone system software simplifies reporting and makes ongoing communication more effective.

Seamless CRM integration

CRM integration ensures that you always have the data you need at hand, and real-time call-to-call blend gives you the best possible customer experience, allowing agents to completely blend in and out without a simultaneous user license.

Virtual Numbers

Business phone systems offer virtual phone numbers via Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). This means it works with any phone number, not just your own, and it’s a great solution for a small business.

Automatic Call Answering

Another great feature of cloud business phone system is the ability to answer callers automatically. This live answering machine provides your business with a friendly and professional receptionist to pick up the phone and answer calls according to your preferences.

Personalised Greeting

Business phone systems have a function that enable users to take calls from any device, greet callers with personal greetings, log into their system and access existing toll-free numbers. Customers can call the number directly or redirect all calls to the new number.

Voicemail Translation

With cloud business phone system, you get a standard menu that allows customers to choose where they want to direct their calls. Consider apps that enable portability to your business phone, features that translate voicemail into text and email, and even features that work with Google documents and Salesforce Office software.

Private Network

Business phone systems provide a privately managed voice network for your business with a wide range of features.

You can get a personalized number, much like a conventional telephone network, or you can handle toll-free numbers and redirect calls to your staff.

It also allows you to set up a virtual reception to process calls and forward them to employees via a mobile app.

Secure Calls

Cloud business phone system takes the power of advanced hardware-based systems and makes them more secure than ever. It is a combination of the best features from both the cloud and the hardware-based system, as well as the latest security features.

Multiple Call Processing

An important feature of modern business phone systems is the ability to handle many calls at once and forward them to the relevant helpdesk staff, depending on whether the customer has called before or recently or whether he has called before.

Campaign Management System (CMS)

The CMS enables sales representatives to record how customers respond to their sales calls. All interactions, not just telephone calls, can be recorded in the system for future references.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you need an office phone system that meets the requirements of your workforce over several years. It has to fit your business, not just your employees. You need a telephone system with which your employees are satisfied, which gives you a communication advantage on the market.

Virtual telephone systems offer compelling benefits to small business owners and transform the way they set up and maintain business telecommunications.

Make sure you invest in a suitable virtual telephone system to experience an amazing increase in your profits and immediately climb the ladder of corporate success.